Review: Roar by Cora Carmack

5 stars

Roar works as not only good YA but a good fantasy in general. A Princess is born into an elite line of magic practitioners but has to work to earn her magic instead of being a chosen one who has things happen too easily for her. At first she assumes this is a personal task but, later realizes the future of her land hinges on the success of her personal quest. I look forward to the further books in the series which is the highest compliment you can give to the first book in an epic fantasy.

Review Medea and Other Plays by Euripides

This is interesting to historians but reads as stilted to the modern reader. It’s a good look inside the mind of Ancient Greek peoples. Their myths were used to give commentary on what were modern issues at the time without pandering to the current fads of pop culture as happens this day. The scripts are short but contain deep philosophy. He turned Medea, who most would’ve seen as an archetypical villain, into a sympathetic character by comments on women’s lack of rights when their husbands wanted a divorce in Greek society. Perhaps Euripides would’ve won more contests if he’d made his plays simpler but he wouldn’t have been remembered.