The Sailor on the Seas of Fate by Michael Moorcock

4 out of 5

Elric sets out to escape his fate on sea voyages but he’s saddled with
a cursed sword. Moorcock handles this melodrama well but it’s just as
well the Elric books are composed of small volumes. Too much brooding
would get tiresome.


Beware Greeks Bearing Christmas Gifts

The phrase “Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts” came about because of the Trojan War saga. The Greeks had the Trojans under siege for 10 years. The war ended when they infiltrated them with the “Trojan horse.” They pretended to retreat and left a large wicker horse. It was brought into Troy. Greek soldiers were hidden inside the wicker horse and overran the Trojans.

It’s a wonder that modern Greeks haven’t maintained the tradition by giving gag gifts each Christmas.

However, there is a modern Greek folklore about the kallikantzari. They are goblins that tease and harass Greek family homes during the 12 days of Christmas. A priest’s blessing drives them out on January 6th.

I figure the kallikantzari are a carryover of the “beware Greeks bearing gifts” ethos. That spirit of mischief had to be channeled somewhere.

New Release: Ghostly Visitors

“Ghosting” takes on a new meaning to psychic mediums like Nichole Collins. She never knows when her ghostly visitors will come and go into her life! This is a collection of her paranormal encounters.

*The Ghostly Visitors collection contains further adventures of Nichole Collins from my published story “The Psychic Fair” which is also reprint in this collection.

New Release: The Shifty Minion

Shelton “Shifty” Sharpe is no longer trapped in a black magician’s gothic mansion. However, he’s bound in indentured servitude to a hard master. It takes serious skills to work up to the Master’s standards. Especially when the Master’s enemies are attacking them from all sides…

The Shifty Minion is the 2nd book in the Shifty Magician novella series.