New Release: A Heart for Hubris

A Heart for Hubris is available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

Avenging goddess Nemesis administers the Olympian Gods’ judgments against mortals’ hubris. But things get complicated when divine favor interferes with her work. Not to mention the times when she’s moved to dispense tough love and severe mercy instead of punishment. This is a collection of her most troublesome cases.


Would anyone be interested in a Crochet Dreamcatcher Design

This is my crochet dreamcatcher prototype. I love crochet and wanted to try a native themed crochet design. It also works as a mandala meditation. Crochet isn’t a traditional craft so I’m not sure I can do more with it other than destress.

I want to test this idea plus test WordPress polls in general.

Starman Jones by Robert Heinlein

4 out of 5

I’d recommend this as a good YA book if I didn’t worry its scientific worldbuidling was
to much for modern YA readers. Perhaps it’d be best for an advanced reader who needs
a challenge? Max Jones runs away to join the crew of a starship, and rises to become its
captain after an emergency. It’s a cute story, and it might inspire a young person to
train for a STEM career.