A Canticle for Leibowitz and Walter M. Miller Jr.

4 out of 5

An abbey preserves humanity’s knowledge through worldwide holocausts which can be inspiring or depressing according to the reader’s temperment, which is a more subtle piece of writing than is usually seen nowadays.


New Release Secrets of the Trade: A Shifty Magician Short Story

What can a magician’s minion do when he’s between an ambitious upstart and a hard master in a magical battle? That’s a trade secret you can learn on Kindle and Kindle Select..

Geoff from The Shifty Captive

Geoff of Geoff’s Tavern in The Shifty Captive
Age: 40
Nationality: Ilan
Geoff’s Tavern was my favorite watering hole and the preferred office for my numerous sidelines. He had a high tolerance for rogues like me as long as we were discreet.

FYI: I have used D2D to expand the distribution of The Shifty Captive where this character appears so you can read it on other online venues besides Amazon.

February 2018-Free Scifi Writing Prompt

These are the type of scifi writing prompts you’ll see in my upcoming scifi writing prompt releases in 2018.

This robot baby looks like the star of a scifi horror to me. It was meant to measure the
microbes on carpets.

This Incredibly Creepy Robot Baby Shows How Disgusting Your Carpet Really Is

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Book Review: The Puppet Masters by Robert A. Heinlein

3 out of 5
Heinlein wrote and thought out a credible tale of alien invasion, but it seems to be more a means of liberating 1950s society of norms he found constrictive. Then again that can be said for most alien invasion and disaster stories that are popular nowadays. Humans rise to the challenge in Heinlein’s tale while today’s authors would write of a complete societal collapse. Some may prefer Heinlein’s resolution but the modern reader seems to like things gritty and grimdark. At the very least they will enjoy the fact that Heinlein’s grasp of science, biology and technology is better though out than most modern sci-fi offerings.