Experiments in Webdesign-Creating WordPress Pages without Tabs

I was thinking there may come a day when I want to post pages of story chapters and excerpts to advertise my writing on this site.  Most times a new tab on the header tool bar is created every time you create a new page in WordPress, and I was worried this would create a cluttered look on the menu bar.

I experimented and found out there is a way to keep a page off the header.

If you assign it a parent page it will become part of the drop down menu on the parent page’s tab without being a part of the main menu.

I also know how to use a page as an index page with links to subpages and not have it listed on the main menu or become part of a drop down menu.

You can look at the results on the experiment page link on the Links page.

This opens up new webdesign options for this site. Maybe I’ll create a tutorial explaining this if anyone’s interested.


Pubslush for Crowdfunding Your Writing

The latest Writers’ Weekly newsletter gave me the heads up about Pubslush a website that can be used to crowdfund literary projects. It may be something for me to keep in mind for the future, and I am posting it in case there’s anyone that could use its services right away.

Promotional Resources

I came across another tidbit that may be useful to writers and other online entrepreneurs interested in creating youtube trailers for their products.

The Five Essential Ingredients for Video Book Trailers class ran in April 2014 but the promo for it contains good information that may help you create video trailers and has links to royalty free resources that may be useful to writers or other people looking to promote their work/products.

Free Kindle Book for First Time Authors

I’m not sure if anyone will notice if I put it out there right now but the Savvy Authors yahoo loop gave me a heads up about a free kindle book about publishing/self-publishing for first time writers book that is available for free at the this moment called Publishing for Beginniers: What First-Time Authors Need to Know (Kindle Edition) by Lourdes Venard.

I’m not sure how long the offer will last so grab it if you want ASAP. If you don’t have a kindle there is a free kindle for pc
app that can be used to view kindle books on your pc or laptop.


Writing Report: October 19, 2014

I know I need to work on engagement with potential readers so I thought it best to report on my writing projects. I’m working steadily at my literary goals:

I finished, edited, spellchecked and submitted a story to Cicada magazine’s Thieves and Tricksters themed issue. I may be aiming too high for my current skill level but I thought it was worth a shot.

Plus I bought a new desk lamp and end table for my computer area so I can turn it into a more comfortable writing work space. Hopefully this will lead to greater productivity, but at least these items didn’t cost me too much since I got them at a discount store.

I’m plugging away at a Second Contact themed anthology short story and editing a novel I wrote but it’ll be a while before I have polished pieces to show for my efforts.

Of course, I hope for a payoff for my efforts but I’m trying to be realistic and not expect overnight success and I’m also pacing myself so I can keep plugging away.

Set up a Facebook Page for Khiatons

Well I now have a Khiatons Facebook page for my writing, and I added a widget to this website for it.

I hope I can grow the website and the Facebook page in managable steps, and figure out a level of engagement that helps me connect with readers but still leaves me enough time to write new projects and keep on top of my dayjob.

I’ll never know what I’m capable of until I give it a shot so we’ll see how this goes.