Sa: koh (Hello)

I am Cathy Smith. My name may sound like white bread, but I’m more like scone. I’m a Mohawk living on a Status Indian Reservation on the Canadian side.

There’s so many “Cathy Smiths” online that I needed a means of differentiating myself so I chose “Khiatons” which is Mohawk for “I write” or “I am a writer.”

The traditional Mohawk gustowe (headdress) has three feathers, and purple and white wampum beads were our traditional means of written communication so I choose those colors and a three feather motif for my logo.

I’m a writer whose bibliography to date includes two podcasts with Anthropomorphic Dreams: “Pretty White Snake” and “Where is Shingebiss” based on native legends, and “Gifts from a Grim Godfather” which will be published in Burial Day Books’ “Gothic Bluebook: Folkore Edition” later this month. I’ve also won an Honorable Mention in L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest.

I’ve heard it’s good for writers to establish an internet presence even before they are published, but it didn’t seem worth my while to do this before I had a decent amount of publishing credits. However, research showed I could use free social platforms and need not commit to paying for web-hosting this early in my career.

I’m proud of my heritage, but I’m also interested in other cultures besides my own and have written fantasy stories based on different mythologies and cultures.

My being native has affected my outlook and writing style, but I don’t want to be confined to only aboriginal writing. My main interests are contemporary fantasy and soft science fiction, and that is what I tend to write.

This page is to act as an outreach to any readers or writing professionals that may be interested in my work or wish to contact me. I have a day-job and will only be able to update this page when I have a new work being published or else some writing related news I think it would be wise to share with any potential readers.

If my work generates interest I will expand my online outreach with a self hosted website but this is it for now. We all have to start from somewhere.


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