Writing Report: October 19, 2014

I know I need to work on engagement with potential readers so I thought it best to report on my writing projects. I’m working steadily at my literary goals:

I finished, edited, spellchecked and submitted a story to Cicada magazine’s Thieves and Tricksters themed issue. I may be aiming too high for my current skill level but I thought it was worth a shot.

Plus I bought a new desk lamp and end table for my computer area so I can turn it into a more comfortable writing work space. Hopefully this will lead to greater productivity, but at least these items didn’t cost me too much since I got them at a discount store.

I’m plugging away at a Second Contact themed anthology short story and editing a novel I wrote but it’ll be a while before I have polished pieces to show for my efforts.

Of course, I hope for a payoff for my efforts but I’m trying to be realistic and not expect overnight success and I’m also pacing myself so I can keep plugging away.

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