Creating Book Widgets within a WordPress Page or Blog Post

This is more of a simple tip than a long tutorial. When I had a blog post about creating a widget for a book on a WordPress web page I wondered what would happen if I needed to cull widgets from the sides but still wanted to advertise earlier works. I played with WordPress’s dashboard and came up with a simple technique for creating a widget within a WordPress page or blog post.

Basically go to the Amazon page of the book you want to advertise and right click it. Chose the “copy image location” option on the menu. Choose whether you want to create a page or post on the WordPress dash board. Click the “add media” button. You will be taken to a new “add media” screen. There will be an “insert from URL” option on the menu on the left choose that. There will be a screen with an entry field for the URL paste the URL of the image there. You can also add a caption to it if you wish.

Now you have the book’s cover posted in your page or post and you will see the cover image of the book when you go back to the main post/page visual editing screen. Copy the URL of the book’s Amazon sale page. Highlight the book cover image. Now you can click the hot link icon that looks like a chain link to paste the URL of the book’s Amazon sale page.

You have now created a widget for your book. This may be useful if you are creating a blog post about a new work being published or else want to create a bibliography page of your works and have a set of widgets instead of just titles.

My widget for demonstration purposes. It has a short story of mine in it.


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