Using Scrivener to Format Ebooks for Kindle

This Publishing from Scrivener to Kindle tutorial is an example of Romance University’s general writing reference articles. I hear Scrivener is good for formatting e-books and thought this tutorial was worth bookmarking for future reference and sharing with my fellow writers.


Learn about publishing at the Romance University

I just discovered the Romance University website. Its focus is on writing romance, of course, but it has good articles on writing and publishing in general. It also hosts three weekly lectures of blogs. Monday is “Crafting Your Career”, Wednesday is “Anatomy of the Mind” and Friday is “Chaos Theory of Writing”

Recommended Writers’ Resource: 1100 free online courses from top universities at Open Culture

I’ve come across a cool resource for science fiction writers of free online courses by top universities. This is a list of 1100 free online courses from top universities at Open Culture. I’ve got my eye on some scientific courses that should help my efforts to write credible science fiction stories. Most come in the way of downloadable video and audio lectures. I plan to work my way down the list as an investment in my writing that won’t cost me a fortune, and reviewing them should be a worthwhile New Year’s Resolution for me in 2015.

Further information about ebook piracy and protecting copyright from Writers Weekly

Angela Hoy of,, Abuzz Press and newest Writer’s Weekly edition printed a letter as a follow up to last week’s Is That Free Ebook Site REALLY Violating Your Copyright? Maybe Not… article. Two further resources were listed for those of us that want more information about ebook piracy and copyright issues: The Authors Against E-book Theft yahoo group and copyright articles on the Adventures in Writing blog.

Fourth publishing credit overall! Second publishing credit this year!

I just got an email saying that an anthology is interested in my short story An Offering of Oiènkwáon: we. It’ll be my fourth publishing credit for my overall writing career and the second one that I’ve managed to get this year!

Not only am I happy to have another publishing credit I’m proud at this sign of growth in my writing. I also worked with the anthology’s editor to bring it up to par, and am glad I was able to learn from the experience.

Encouraging News for Writers Fearing Ebook Piracy of their Work

Angela Hoy of,, Abuzz Press and wrote an article called Is That Free Ebook Site REALLY Violating Your Copyright? Maybe Not... that says a good number of the websites offering pirated ebooks as free downloads are actually trying to infect computers with viruses, and most times they don't even have the ebook they promise after all, and even if your book is downloaded the person downloading it gets a virus for their pains. As someone considering indie publishing I find this both encouraging and funny!