Speech Recognition Software as a Writing Tool

It may be a throwback to older times but I prefer to write out my stories in longhand. I already spend most of my workday at a computer and I couldn’t keep up my weekly writing quota up if I had to do all my composing at my home computer. Using longhand is my strategy for fighting fatigue, eyestrain, and carpel tunnel syndrome. I meet my quota easily and the longhand notes minimize the time I have to spend at the computer but I still have the job of typing it in. I was thinking that dictating my quota into the computer would increase my productivity.

I also thought that dictating my stories into the computer may also work as good practice for dramatic readings if and when I’m asked to read my work for a podcast or public appearance.

There are programs available for this but I found out that current MS Windows operating systems already have a speech recognition program installed as an accessibility tool for their customers. My first experiments with this feature were disappointing, but it occurred to me I may get better results if I bought myself a better quality headphone/microphone set

I don’t know if this investment will pay off, but speech recognition software may still be a worthwhile writing tool. I hope that the program that comes with my current system does the trick, but I may have to try other software if it doesn’t.

Update: The experiment was unsuccessful. The Windows speech recognition program keeps mishearing what I say when I try to dictate to it or give commands. A better speech recognition program might work but would probably cost more than I’m willing to spend.


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