Science Fiction Story Prompt: Warp Drive May Be Possible One Day

Warp drive may be possible one day according to Daily Galaxy’s post: NASA –“Is It On the Verge of Discovering ‘Warp Bubbles’ Enabling Dreams of Interstellar Travel? This is definitely inspiration for science fiction writers.


4th Publication Credit: Jubilee

The rewrite request has now become an official sale. My story “Jubilee” will be published in Gold Shader Press’s “Game Fiction: Volume 1”. It will be my fourth publishing credit overall and the second credit in 7 months!

Free Book: Hybrid Author Game Plan free to download from Bookbaby

Don’t know whether to self-publish or get a traditional publishing contract. It’s possible to do both? Writer’s Digest sent me another email for a free Hybrid Author Game Plan pdf that’s free to download if you don’t mind registering for the Bookbaby mailing list. Click the cover to access the download page. 

Added New Picture on About Page

It makes me nervous but I heard that it’s good to use a picture of yourself for author websites and Facebook pages so I took a selfie with my digital camera and used Libroffice Draw for basic photoediting. At least the picture shows the capabilities of Libreoffice Draw’s capabilities as a photoeditor. I used it to tweak the background and create the border.