Rewrite Request for Indigenous Science Fiction Story

I just received a rewrite request I need to finish by the end of the June. It’s for an Indigenous Science Fiction anthology. This is the fourth request I’ve received on the piece though it will be worth it since it’s the biggest venue I’ve written for so far. The title of the story may still be in flux but I will reveal it when its final form is settled.


Vote for “Mnemonic” in Inkitt’s “Epic Worlds Free Fantasy Writing Contest”

I’ve submitted my story Mnemonic to Inkitt’s “Epic Worlds Free Fantasy Writing” Contest and could use some votes. It’ll give you chance to sample one of my newer works at least.

Grammar Self Study Project-English Grammar 101

I want to participate in a grammar checking group on Scribophile to help clean up my manuscripts. I’m not joining it now because it is a mutual aid group, and I don’t feel confident enough in my current grammar skills to proofread anyone else’s work. However, it’s a goal I’m working towards and I decided to start a self study project to improve my grammar skills. I know it will improve my writing but I also believe it’d be good to let another set of eyes go over my manuscripts so I won’t do my own proofing.

I’ve bookmarked some websites that offer free lessons and interactive tutorials because I believe it’ll be more engaging than buying a book and trying to memorize its contents, though I’ll still buy reference books in the future. The first site I’m staring with is English Grammar 101. I will repeat lessons/tests until I master them then move on to the next section and do that with all the websites I have bookmarked.