WordPress Design Tip: Creating Rectangular Graphics for Your Posts

I’m learning new techniques as I go. Last time I said that it’s best
to have square images so that they don’t get awkwardly cropped when
you want to share them on Facebook. I said that if you make your own
graphics make them a square that is at least 200X200 pixels last week.

This week I learned a trick to use when you absolutely must have a
rectangular graphic and turning it into a square would skew it too
much.If your rectangle is small enough you can create the
rectangular image first. Save it as a jpg in its original dimensions
than insert it into a new square image with a neutral background
that matches/blends with your theme. Once the image you created is
set in the square save the square image as the graphic you will post
online. The original rectangular image will be what is visible
on Facebook and your blog. In my case that means make the rectangular
image and insert it in a new homemade image with a white background.

I will post new tips as I learn new tricks.I’m testing out some theories I
have on posting/linking to rectangular images that you can’t alter into
squares without having it become awkwardly cropped when you share a post
on Facebook.