Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending September 6, 2015

A magnetic ‘wormhole’ that connects two regions of space has been created
though we can’t use it for space travel yet.

This is inspring even if it isn’t available to the general public yet:
Completely paralyzed man voluntarily moves his legs, scientists report

This invention may be useful once the bugs are worked out.
New wireless pacemaker could offer a surgery-free alternative

Speaking of “bugs”…Wasp venom ‘a weapon against cancer’

This week had an instance of science Inspired by Science Fiction:
The Physics of How That Star Wars BB-8 Toy Works

This might comic might be worth checking out in the future. Stunning Web Comic ‘Brassens in Space’ Takes Readers on Cosmic Journey

You need a paid subscription to get access the full article but enough of it was present to give a world building idea. This could either be cool or creepy if humans are an energy source for electronics. On one hand you bionics won’t need to have fresh batteries installed on a regular basis on the other hand I can’t help thinking of the “Matrix” movies. Nanogenerators harvest body’s energy to power devices

Another creepy/cool news item: This device enables doctors to
reanimate the hearts of the dead
. It’s meant to increase the pool of organ donors, but it reminds of of Frakenstein and the current zombie craze.

We’re perfecting our ability to find habitable planets in the universe.
Alien Oceans’ Glint Could Reveal Habitable Water Worlds
and How ‘Starshades’ Could Aid Search for Alien Life.

In case anyone wants to write historical fiction, This Wooden Carving Is Twice As Old As The Pyramids.

For modern techno novels…The Asus VivoStick is a $129 PC-on-a-stick that runs Windows 10.

Apparently the universe believes in recycling! Prawn Nebula View Offers Stunning Glimpse of ‘Cosmic Recycling’.


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