Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending September 20, 2015

I cam across things that are good for worldbuilding and story prompts in different sci-fi sub-genres:

It’s old news by now but this article shows that being misunderstand and brilliant can be dangerous in the modern age. Not “inspiring” but it will help create believable conflict in any semi-realistic sci-fi you wish to write. #IStandWithAhmed: Scientists and the public surge to support boy arrested for homemade clock

I wonder if lightsabers would be good for more than a novelty toy if this technology is perfected? Physicists figure out how to make ‘molecules’ of pure light

New Antenna Could Give Mars Rovers a Direct Line to Earth

US Military Foresees Robot-Run ‘Transportation Hub’ in Space

Terahertz Radiation Breakthrough Could Lead To 100 Times Faster Wireless Networks

This is development is a definite help for worldbuidling hard science fiction: The world’s first all-electric propulsion satellite is now operational

Vast Ocean Underlies Ice on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus which may help the quest for life off Earth

There’s some encouraging developments on the health front:

TCD Alzheimer’s breakthrough could hold ‘tremendous potential’

Prosthetic hand restores a man’s sense of touch

Scientists Have Developed A Patch That Regenerates Damaged Heart Tissue

3-D printed guide helps regrow complex nerves after injury

There were some green technology developments:

This Tower Purifies a Million Cubic Feet of Air an Hour

Fuel Made From Algae Could Help Fukushima–and the Rest of the World

Inhabitat’s Week in Green: 3D-printed suites and a new Prius

Sustainable development, science, and the UN

This transparent lithium-ion battery charges itself with sunlight

These could make cool gadgets in the future:

Making 3-D objects disappear: Researchers create ultrathin invisibility cloak

Scientists have developed a shark-repelling device for your surfboard

I’m not sure if I’d like the menu but this gives me world building ideas for sci-fi cuisine

The future of food: from jellyfish salad to lab-grown meat

You Ain’t Seen Sustainable Dining Until You’ve Eaten Here

I found some items for a “is this cool or creepy?” feature!:

One for the Zombie lovers: A Wasp That Turns a Spider Into the Walking Dead

These Headphones Transmit Sound Into Your Skull

A blending of hard and soft science: Here’s why our most irrational decisions could be a result of quantum theory

Some say it is inevitable that adult toys become more advanced. I’ve altered the title to something
I’m more comfortable having on my blog, but have included this link.

This might be inspiring if you like to write/read sword and sorcery tales: Ancient Script Spurs Rethinking of Historic ‘Backwater’

Here are some tidbits for those of us that want to worldbuilding for near future sci-fi or technological thrillers:

Big banks consider using Bitcoin blockchain technology

MI5 boss warns of technology terror risk

This new self-destructing computer chip explodes on command


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