Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending September 27, 2015

I scan trending science stories in the search for story prompts and worldbuilding details. This is what I found this week.

Jurassic Park has already been written but what if the practise was used for other extinct species? Can Genetic Engineering Bring Back Extinct Animals?

I learned that not all drones are evil this week these deliver medical supplies and electrical parts in remote areas:Lord Norman Foster to build world’s first droneport in Rwanda

Scientists have built an ultra-thin lens that can focus on ridiculously small details

Encryption might be the reason we’ve never heard from aliens, says Snowden

Here’s some good ideas for a cyberpunk novel with international politics or military sci-fi.
Mike Adams gives eye-opening interview revealing space weapon capabilities of US military

Pentagon intrigued by breakthrough in cloaking technologywhich is to be expected

Good for techno thrillers you wish to write and better if you can afford them in the here and now.
Top gadgets and accessories for hardware and data security

Good ideas for a medical thriller/dystopia:
One in three people born in the UK in 2015 could get dementia

The US Is Finally Taking Action on Antibiotic Resistance

A modern day concern and good dystopia idea: Huge hikes in prices of drugs raise protests and questions

Sober news: Humanity makes first ever withdrawal from the doomsday seed vault yet it’s reassuring we have one at all. It could be a great McGuffin in a dystopia.

We were also assured That Arctic Seed Vault Isn’t Just There for a Doomsday

There’s some encouraging news in the fight against cancer:

Enzyme’s role could help fight cancer and autoimmune diseases

Two new kidney cancer drugs ‘work’

Some details that will be useful for near future space exploration novels:

Man On Mars? NASA Says It’s Happening — And Soon

New ion engine is so efficient that it could go to Mars and back on a single tank of fuel

Some things to keep in mind if you want to write about the Singularity:

Smaller, Faster, Cheaper, Over: The Future of Computer Chips

New light-based memory chip is the first ever to permanently store data

Plastic may be on the way out as most popular manfacturing material: Scientists figure out how to make flexible materials 3 times stronger than steel

3D Printing becomes more popular and versatile:

The world’s largest 3D printer can now make entire houses out of clay

Forget plastic — Glowforge’s 3D laser printer makes objects with wood, fabric, and leather

Some new health breakthroughs:

Infertile Males may be able to have biological children: First Lab-Grown Human Sperm Technique Revealed By Scientists

Scientist Grow Kidneys In A Laboratory That Function When Transplanted Into An Animal

New Artificial Pancreas Could Be A Life Changer For Type 1 Diabetics

Paralyzed Man Walks Again Using Brain-Wave System

Scientists discover new system for human genome editing

US Defence scientists have invented a brain implant that boosts memory


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