Khiatons Monthly Flash Fiction-Update Newsletter November 2015 is Out!

Most 12-year-old think they’re smarter than adults.

Boy genius Rory Jordan knows he is!

Spacefarer Nix Kaphale meets 12-year-old Rory Jordan, the most brilliant brat in the galaxy, and starts a rewarding, if somewhat tempestuous, partnership with the Jordan family in this month’s Khiatons newsletter flash fiction piece. Click Rory’s picture and you can read it and post newsletters for free when you sign for the google group.


I’m in the Same Book as Edith Wharton!

I received two contributor’s copies of Chilling Ghost Stories in the mail yesterday so I can finally see myself in the same book as Edith Wharton. It has my story “The Psychic Fair” in there. It’s a book with a foil cover and quality construction.

There’s new and classic ghost stories in the volume so you can see how the genre has developed over the decades.

I love Edith’s work, but I wonder if she’d be too subtle to be published nowadays? She has a fine literary quality, but I’m not sure ghost stories are an accepted part of modern literary writing. I think the best modern classificiation for her ghost stories is “psychological horror.” Ghosts worked on her neurosis though she didn’t believe in the supernatural.

Game Fiction Volume 1 is out

I just found out that Game Fiction Volume 1 has been out a few months. It has my short story “Jubilee” in it. It’s available in both print and digital editions.

Update: I just found out that the print edition needs to be tweaked before it is re-released. It came out too dark on the printer and they are correcting it. I will update when the new improved version is re-posted. However, the digital edition is still available.

Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending October 25, 2015

The list is eclectic this week as different, unconnected things caught my eye.

I wonder how many asteriod fly-bys there were in the past that we don’t know of? Big asteroid to buzz Earth on Halloween, not another like it until 2027

The “Space Race” has become the Space Relay: International ‘Luna 27’ mission sets the stage for a human return to the Moon

There was pencillin, then last week’s possible cancer cure, now here’s another lucky accident: Researchers accidently find industrial waste, orange peel material sucks mercury out of water

Here’s another invention that deserves to become mainstream: Students Have Developed An Electirc Wheelchair That Can Climb Stairs

Early Stages Of Schizophrenia Linked To Brain Inflammation

We Could Finally Be Close To Wiping Out HIV From The Body

Scientists have found a way to make leukaemia cells kill each other

Paralyzed man regains use of arms thanks to ‘wireless spinal cord’

I found out that beavers do a vitial community service: Scientists Acquire More Proof That Only Beavers Can Save the World

I see great story potential in this: Earth is one of the Universe’s first habitable planets, and most are yet to be born

Harvard creates a material that lets light go ‘infinitely fast’

Abundant, affordable energy is (almost) within our grasp

Inspiring: There’s now a $1-a-pill competitor to pharma CEO Martin Shkreli’s $750-a-pill drug

Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending October 18, 2015

I’ve started to see narratives since I started these weekly blog posts and it’s exciting to see them develop:

NASA continues riding the Martian wave, but I wonder how long the can sustain it.
NASA Unveils Three-Part Plan to Reach Mars by 2030s

3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing when its perfected at this rate: 3D printed teeth to keep your mouth free of bacteria

I wonder when we’ll beneift from this research: Deleting genes could boost lifespan by 60 per cent, say scientists

Diamonds can help identify cancers early (in MRI scans)

It’d be good if this techncology becomes mainstream: A Canadian start-up is removing CO2 from the air and turning it into pellets

Scientists made the lightest metal on Earth

This could lead to discrimination when it’s perfected: Scientists Can Now Predict Intelligence From Brain Activity

Is this the future of hypersonic travel? Airbus’ vision for Concorde 2 that could take off vertically and fly from New York to London in just one hour

Cats are more self willed than some people are comfortable with, but are
Cats are utterly, irredeemably selfish? True or False?

This is a good worldbuilding for a spy thriller: Watch a ‘USB killer’ stick destroy a laptop when it’s plugged in

A good detail for dystopia/thriller stories: The Navy Is Teaching Celestial Navigation Again as a Backup Plan Against Hackers

I may be collecting enough material for a raven based story at this rate: Ravens cooperate with friends not foes

Extraordinary Artificial Skin Can Transmit Sense Of Touch To Brain Cells though the subject using it seems to feel electric pulses more than true touch at this point in time it could lead to prosthetics that have a sense of touch built in them.

Team wants to sell lab grown meat in five years

First there was penicillin now Scientists May Have Accidentally Found A Cure For Cancer