Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending October 4, 2015

I found some interesting tidbits this week.

Of course Mars was in the news alot this week:

The big announcment from NASA this week Liquid water found on Mars’s surface

Elon Musk clarified his plans for terraforming Mars: Elon Musk Clarifies His Plan to “Nuke Mars”

We were warned: Here’s What Would Happen To Your Brain If You Took A Trip To Mars

Something to keep in mind in the search for life on other planets: Angry Little Stars (Red Dwarfs) Could Produce Life-Friendly Exoplanets

We may be going to the moon again: Private Moon Landing Set for 2017

A Japanese android firm doesn’t want their products used as “adult toys”. (The title’s been changed to one I’m comfortable using on this blog.)

Some people embrace the Singularity: The “Terasem” group wants to help transform you into an AI

The end may be in sight for silicon computer chips thanks to recent developments:

First light-based memory chip puts SSDs on notice

The First Ever Optical Rectenna Turns Light Directly Into DC Current

Carbon nanotubes may replace silicone: ‘Major’ IBM breakthrough breathes new life into Moore’s Law

‘Superman’ Memory Crystal Would Last 1 Million Years I wonder if this
method would be dedicated for archival use or become mainstream practice?

There were some promising developments in the health sciences:

Many would consider this the week’s most exciting medical news so it’ll be first in this sub-list: Scientists discover protein blockers that may function as ‘the pill’ for men

Scientists to bypass brain damage by re-encoding memories

Promising even if not perfected yet: This 3D Printer Creates Structures in Gel and Could Help Build Organs

Womb transplant: old uterus as good as a 20-year-old’s

Scientists can now perform complete genome sequencing in 26 hours for emergencies

Gas-Propelled Microparticles Could Stop Bleeding in Wounds

This item is the first time I heard of a legal dispute holding up medical progress and could be a good idea for anyone who writes medical thrillers: DNA-cutting enzymes could slice through gene editing patent spat

There’s some ideas for ecological novels where you want to model environmentally friendly hi-tech:

Hope this can become a mainstream disposal method: Styrofoam-Eating Mealworms Could Happily Dispose of Plastic Waste

Freevolt generates power from thin air

Biodegradable batteries? Researchers just made batteries from mushrooms… and they’re surprisingly good

And lastly as cool/cute tech to world-build with: This futuristic razor shaves your hair with an actual laser — and it’s already raised over $650,000

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