Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending October 11, 2015

I learned some interesting things with this week’s trending stories:

Water on Mars and now on Pluto: New Horizons spacecraft finds blue skies, frozen water on Pluto

We may be on Mars in a few decades:Nasa Mars colonies to be established in the next few decades, agency says

We may be seeing the rise of real universal translators: Now You Can Get Skype’s Real-time Language Translation. Here’s How

The world of theoretical psychics has it’s celebrities:Visions of Future Physics
and 2015 Nobel Prize For Chemistry Awarded For DNA Repair Studies

The scientific fields is highly competitive: The Battle Over Genome Editing Gets Science All Wrong

Wind energy is now as cheap as natural gas, and solar is getting close

Science can help fantasy writers: Do Crows Hold Funerals for Their Dead?

Ravens cooperate, but not with just anyone

Of course, the field of archaeology is the most obvious scientific study that helps fantasy
writers: The Celts: not quite the barbarians history would have us believe

I found suggestions for the coming Singularity:
How Should We Prepare for the AI Revolution? Ray Kurzweil Responds in This Q&A [Video]

Here’s a way to add drama and conflict to an ecological sci-fi:Trade in invasive plants is blossoming

Here’s some ideas for near future sci-fi stories:

With Winklevoss Bitcoin Exchange, Digital Currency Grows Up

Breakthrough In Quantum Computing Using Silicon Material

These Technologies Will Shift the Global Balance of Power in the Next 20 Years

From pixels to pixies: the future of touch is sound

Scientists Grow Primitive Human Kidneys In A Dish

An air traffic control system for drones?

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