Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending November 29, 2015

I found some trending stories that apply to spaceflight technology, medical research, green technoloy and communication technology. Plus some tidbits that would be good for murder mysteries, cyberpunk and military sci-fi.

Here’s the latest news in spaceflight technology:

Diamond Nanothreads Could Support Space Elevator

Jeff Bezos beats Elon Musk’s SpaceX in the reusable rocket race

A search for gravitational waves: Will this European satellite confirm Einstein’s last unproven idea?

Good for worldbuilding. What Happens When You Light A Candle In Space?

The latest developments in health research:

3D-printed vascular systems help doctors practice for your surgery

Diabetic pancreas cells made to produce insulin by bone protein

New theory integrates dopamine’s role in learning, motivation

Functional human liver cells grown in the lab

Can stem cell technology be harnessed to generate biological pacemakers?

Watch: The science of genetic inheritance is weirder than we thought

Wonder if this study’s findings will be used to counter depression? Neurologists ‘work out the key to finding happiness’

Researchers just made graphene 100 times more cheaply than ever before which could help in the manufacture of touch sensitive prosthetics

Electric fields remove nanoparticles from blood with ease which could help in drug delivery systems

Child able to speak after surgeons create new voice box using his own tissue

Hacking the Brain — Restoring Lost Abilities With the Latest Neurotechnologies

A Peek At Brain Connections May Reveal Attention Deficits

Virtual reality isn’t just for video games! Virtual reality successfully used in cardiac operation

Those of you interested in the Singularity might want to know Company Plans To Resurrect Humans With Artificial Intelligence By 2045

On the green energy front:

Bill Gates is launching a multibillion-dollar clean energy fund

Scientists have developed a power cell that harnesses electricity from algae

the end of constant smartphone recharging?

Scientists Develop World’s First Cyber Plant This seemed unnecessary at first, but it’s actually to make a living solar cell with photosynthesis.

Good for military sci-fi: The first 3D-printed revolver fires 8 shots, just add a roofing nail and elastic

Some cool developments in the world’s communication technology took place this week:

Physicists just sent a quantum message across 2km, setting a new record

Want your own Star Trek Communicator? Google experiments with a Star Trek-style wearable

It’s not just the information age in the First World. How to charge your mobile phone using a mud oven

It’ll be cool when this is mainstream: Li-Fi has just been tested in the real world, and it’s 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

Cool worldbuilding detail: Temporary tech tattoos could monitor your health, pay for your coffee

An interesting tidbit to add to sci-fi stories. How does our brain form creative and original ideas?

Murder mysteries don’t try to be sci-fi but still need to keep up to date with modern methods of commiting crime: Hackers may hit home for the holidays

Good detail for cyberpunk: Top ten operating systems for ethical hackers and security researchers

A brand new particle has been predicted by physicists


Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending November 22, 2015

Here’s a 5 minute video that explains Einstein’s Theory of Relativity: Watch this video to understand the biggest idea in physics

It’d almost be worth listening to the sales pitch to experience augmented reality: Microsoft HoloLens to provide AR demos in Volvo showrooms

Does five years count as near future sci-fi? What Technology Will Look Like In Five Years

Here’s How The White House Would Deal With A Huge Solar Storm That Could Send Us Back To The Dark Age

Space Mining Bill Passes In Congress

A cosmologist says he’s found possible signs of a parallel universe

I wonder if quantum computing brings the Singularity closer?

Quantum computer coding in silicon now possible

Quantum entanglement achieved at room temperature in semiconductor wafers

Researchers have written quantum code on a silicon chip for the first time

First Human Tests of Memory Boosting Brain Implant a Big Leap Forward

The U.S. Military Is Developing Brain Implants To Help Restore Memory

Here’s some high tech materials that could be used for worldbuilding:

A new symmetry underlies the search for new materials

North Face Has Created A Coat Made From Biotech Spider Silk

Here’s the lastest health research:

World’s smallest pacemaker results in 51% fewer complications in global trial

Scientists grow working vocal cord tissue in the lab

Scientists Successfully Transplant Bioengineered Vocal Cords Into Animals

Light therapy could be used to treat all depression, not just ‘winter blues’: study

Handheld DNA sequencer could soon allow individual consumers to detect GMOs in food and maybe sequence human DNA in the future

Colour-changing dressing ‘fights antibiotic resistance’

Pancreatic cancer treatment ‘breakthrough’ – Ulster University


Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending November 15, 2015

Opensource AI:Google Just Open Sourced TensorFlow, Its Artificial Intelligence Engine

and we were already seeing signs of its handiwork later in the week: Exponential Medicine: Deep Learning AI Better Than Your Doctor at Finding Cancer

This is a valuable resource for writers of dystopias: Scientists Reveal How To Survive A Real-Life Nuclear Fallout

Here’s some scientific research that’ll be good for worldbuilding:

Stronger than steel and stretchier than elastic, synthetic silk could transform clothing

A study contends Wolves volunteered to be domesticated into dogs! Were wolves dependent on humans long before they became man’s best friend?

The latest developments in health research is encouraging:

Canadian researchers break blood-brain barrier with new ultrasound treatment

The Two Most Important Things We Can All Do To Protect Our Brain Health

Artificial Kidneys Could Be In Patients By 2020

Scientists Transform Algae Into Cancer-Killing Drug Delivery Systems

Scientists Have Discovered “Clocks” Inside Your Cells That Could Determine When You Get Cancer

Experimental Alzheimer’s drug shows anti-ageing effects, surprising researchers

This’ll be good when it’s fully developed: New Eye Drops Can Dissolve Cataracts With No Need For Surgery

Diabetic blindness could be reversed with eye injection

3D Printing to the resuce again. Researchers Pioneer Facial Reconstruction Method That Leaves Patients With No Scars

Some new developments in green technology happened this week:

First ‘porous liquid’ invented…which will help green technology and carbon capture systems.

Portable particle accelerators may soon become reality

Risky fusion power study pays off by bringing plasma close to reactor walls

Scientists develop ‘nanopores’ that inexpensively filter the salt out of seawater

Switchgrass naturally removes toxic PCB pollution from soil

This new robot eats water pollution and produces electricity as it swims

Would You Eat Synthetic Shrimp? If it were sustainable?

A combination of green energy and exercise! Billionaire’s Bike-Powered Generator Turns One Hour Of Riding Into 24 Hours Of Electricity For Small Village

Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending November 8, 2015

Here is what I found this week:

Cancer drug that zaps cells before they spread is discovered

This will be impressive if they can do it.The Active Sun: US Unveils Plan to Deal with Space Weather

Pet dogs ‘may help children avoid asthma’

Ford looks to geckos for adhesives solutions

Montreal university looks toward space

NASA Allegedly Conducts More Successful Tests On “Impossible” EM Drive

Researchers create lithium-air battery that could be 10x more powerful than lithium-ion

It’s good to know cancer detection and treatment is advancing:

Have Scientists Really Invented A Test That Can Detect Cancer From A Single Drop Of Blood?

‘Designer cells’ reverse one-year-old’s cancer

It almost sounds like a supplement that should become mandatory: Asthma drug appears to rejuvenate elderly brains, rodent study finds

New Rover Will Reach Mars In 2018 And Drill Two Meters Below The Surface In Search Of Life

The UK has just invested in a super plane that could fly anywhere in four hours

NASA Thinks Augmented Reality Is the Future of Tech Support

New Method to 3D Print Customised Medical Devices Developed

Mental gymnastics is good for the brain? Online brain training ‘helps older adults with everyday tasks’

Apparently science can learn a lot from cockroaches! How cockroaches could save lives

I had a “I must be becoming a nerd moment”. This was exciting to me, at least I know my OS will be supported until I’m ready to upgrade: Microsoft to discontinue Windows 7 and 8.1 next November

Japanese Scientists Invent “Unbreakable” Glass

Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending November 1, 2015

Here’s a good science fiction/horror story on Halloween week: New Evidence Suggests Tyrannosaurus Rex Was A Cannibal

Scientist Claims He Has Found Evidence Of Other Universes

There’s a job opening at NASA: NASA seeks programmer fluent in 60-year-old languages to work on Voyager

Germany is about to start up a monster machine that could revolutionize the way we use energy

This plasma engine could get humans to Mars on 100 million times less fuel

I wonder if quantum computers will ever become mainstream?: Scientists design full-scale architecture for quantum computer in silicon

Cool Scientific Research good for worldbuilding debuted this week: How People Actually Fought With Swords

A hydrogen cell powered car is being offered for sale: 2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota FCV Plus concept

Who Needs Talk Shows or Soap Operas When You Have Science Fiction? Man Fails Paternity Test Because Unborn Twin Is The Biological Father Of His Son

Scientists almost make it a point to turn science fiction into science fact: Sonic tractor beam invented (w/ Video)

Sometimes science fiction writes itself! There was a health scare with WHO cancer report about processed meats I found follow-up stories you may find
reassuring. :

Here’s the original report: WHO: Processed meat can increase risk of cancer; red meat risky too

Then these reports trickled in: Bacon Causes Cancer? Sort of. Not Really. Ish.

Eating red and processed meat isn’t going to increase your risk of cancer by that much

Are any foods safe to eat anymore? Here’s the truth

Finally WHO toned down its report later in the week: WHO: Processed meat cancer report message ‘misinterpreted’

There were other encouraging developments in the health research field:

‘Cuddle hormone’ nasal spray can improve social skills of children with autism ,but is not a cure.

Scientists develop a more effective ‘multitasking’ flu vaccine

Mitch Grogan of London draws on personal experience with exoskeleton suits for mobility needs

3D printing moves onto organic materials: Researchers Can Now 3D Print A Human Heart Using Biological Material