Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending November 1, 2015

Here’s a good science fiction/horror story on Halloween week: New Evidence Suggests Tyrannosaurus Rex Was A Cannibal

Scientist Claims He Has Found Evidence Of Other Universes

There’s a job opening at NASA: NASA seeks programmer fluent in 60-year-old languages to work on Voyager

Germany is about to start up a monster machine that could revolutionize the way we use energy

This plasma engine could get humans to Mars on 100 million times less fuel

I wonder if quantum computers will ever become mainstream?: Scientists design full-scale architecture for quantum computer in silicon

Cool Scientific Research good for worldbuilding debuted this week: How People Actually Fought With Swords

A hydrogen cell powered car is being offered for sale: 2015 Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota FCV Plus concept

Who Needs Talk Shows or Soap Operas When You Have Science Fiction? Man Fails Paternity Test Because Unborn Twin Is The Biological Father Of His Son

Scientists almost make it a point to turn science fiction into science fact: Sonic tractor beam invented (w/ Video)

Sometimes science fiction writes itself! There was a health scare with WHO cancer report about processed meats I found follow-up stories you may find
reassuring. :

Here’s the original report: WHO: Processed meat can increase risk of cancer; red meat risky too

Then these reports trickled in: Bacon Causes Cancer? Sort of. Not Really. Ish.

Eating red and processed meat isn’t going to increase your risk of cancer by that much

Are any foods safe to eat anymore? Here’s the truth

Finally WHO toned down its report later in the week: WHO: Processed meat cancer report message ‘misinterpreted’

There were other encouraging developments in the health research field:

‘Cuddle hormone’ nasal spray can improve social skills of children with autism ,but is not a cure.

Scientists develop a more effective ‘multitasking’ flu vaccine

Mitch Grogan of London draws on personal experience with exoskeleton suits for mobility needs

3D printing moves onto organic materials: Researchers Can Now 3D Print A Human Heart Using Biological Material


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