Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending November 8, 2015

Here is what I found this week:

Cancer drug that zaps cells before they spread is discovered

This will be impressive if they can do it.The Active Sun: US Unveils Plan to Deal with Space Weather

Pet dogs ‘may help children avoid asthma’

Ford looks to geckos for adhesives solutions

Montreal university looks toward space

NASA Allegedly Conducts More Successful Tests On “Impossible” EM Drive

Researchers create lithium-air battery that could be 10x more powerful than lithium-ion

It’s good to know cancer detection and treatment is advancing:

Have Scientists Really Invented A Test That Can Detect Cancer From A Single Drop Of Blood?

‘Designer cells’ reverse one-year-old’s cancer

It almost sounds like a supplement that should become mandatory: Asthma drug appears to rejuvenate elderly brains, rodent study finds

New Rover Will Reach Mars In 2018 And Drill Two Meters Below The Surface In Search Of Life

The UK has just invested in a super plane that could fly anywhere in four hours

NASA Thinks Augmented Reality Is the Future of Tech Support

New Method to 3D Print Customised Medical Devices Developed

Mental gymnastics is good for the brain? Online brain training ‘helps older adults with everyday tasks’

Apparently science can learn a lot from cockroaches! How cockroaches could save lives

I had a “I must be becoming a nerd moment”. This was exciting to me, at least I know my OS will be supported until I’m ready to upgrade: Microsoft to discontinue Windows 7 and 8.1 next November

Japanese Scientists Invent “Unbreakable” Glass


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