Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending December 6, 2015

In honor of the Climate Change Talks I’m putting Green Tech news first this week:

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other tech titans form the Breakthrough Energy Coalition to invest in zero-carbon energy technologies

New global alliance signs on 121 ‘sun-drenched’ countries to fund solar power tech

Scientists develop super-absorbent sponge material to soak up oil spills

Scientists have figured out how to store electricity in ‘paper’ Hope they learn how to mass produce this.

Here’s the latest developments in Space Flight Technology:

The Dawn Of The Space Age: Why You Should Care About The Private Space Race

Air Force Funds 3D-Printing Study for Rocket Engines

The first spacecraft that feels from the future will blast off soon

The latest developments in Physics:

Physicists confirm thermodynamic irreversibility in a quantum system ,which brings quantum computers closer to reality

The Universe’s “Missing Matter” Found Within Superheated Cosmic Web Filaments

Here’s what happened in health sciences this week:

Human editing was the main health science news:Should We Be Editing Human DNA?

Human gene editing gets green light but not on “germline” cells that transmit DNA to future generations.

Scientists show that gene editing can ‘turn off’ human diseases

Compound Found In Aspirin Might Stop Diseases Like Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s

This sounds like the premise of a good sci-fi/murder mystery: Could hackers break my heart via my pacemaker?

Licensed Diabetes Drug Could Dramatically Increase Human Life Span

Gene which delays Alzheimer’ Disease by 17 years discovered by scientists

Scientists have identified the genes responsible for ageing and a longer lifespan but is not ready for use on humans yet.

A step in affordable health care: A cheap, disposable device for diagnosing disease

3D Printing has multiple applications: 3D-Printed Body Parts Help Surgeons Separate Conjoined Twins

There was a follow up to the transplanted face story: How transplanted faces change over time

Virtual wound will teach medics how to treat soldiers

The alternative infertility treatment that’s helping some women get pregnant in vitro maturation (IVM) is used instead of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in vitro fertilization (IVF)

We may be closer to seeing a familiar sci-fi trope become reality: China ‘clone factory’ scientist eyes human replication

I’m including this for anyone who’s ever been curious. (Don’t worry it’s CGI): Male-To-Female Sex Reassignment Surgery: Watch A Reconstruction And Witness The Procedure

The all-in-one solution to sexual health is on its way: New drugs and products ‘prevent HIV, STDs AND unplanned pregnancies’

There were also some random tidbits I thought worth including in this week’s science trends post:

This should be checked out by writers of military sci-fi: China Unveils New Laser Weapon On State Television

For those interested in the Singularity…A new start-up wants to transfer your consciousness to an artificial body so you can live forever though it doesn’t look like a viable business plan.

Ultrasonic, Highly Sensitive Graphene Microphones Developed By Researchers

A good reference for cyberpunk stories: The Dark Web

Almost reads like a paid advertisement but is a cool high tech toy that could become mainstream: How Nokia is reinventing itself with a $60,000 virtual reality camera

Good for historical research: Recreate the old-school internet with this web browser emulator

Researchers find new phase of carbon, make diamond at room temperature. I know there are practical applications in manufacturing, but I wonder if this will be used in jewelry?

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