Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending December 20, 2015

Let’s see what we writers can do with what I found this week, and let this serve as a heads up to sci-fi readers.

Star Wars gives me and many others a future worth working towards so it’ll be the first post.

Star Wars: how future world conflicts will be decided in space though not as fun as the movies unless you’re a military sci-fi fan.

For military sci-fi: US Air Force will have laser weapons on planes by 2020: Claims Star Wars technology is at a ‘tipping point’ – and there are even plans for a force field protection bubble

And now to move back to Earth

Here’s what you need to know about the new Paris climate deal

The latest in Health Research

Experimental drugs that change energy supply in cells could slow brain tumor growth

Bionic eye could ‘cure’ blindness by bypassing retina entirely

VA to provide robotic legs to paralyzed vets

Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer May Become Possible

A useful PSA: The Science — Or Lack Of It — Behind Genetic Tests Offered In The Workplace

These Are The World’s 8 Most Dangerous Pathogens you may want to use in medical thrillers.

Developments In Bone Grafting: New Synthetic Graft Will Reduce The Number Of Additional Surgeries

Here’s a PSA and maybe a medical thriller plotpoint. 3 Ways Antibiotics Can Do More Harm Than Good

I started this feature in mid 2015 so I saw some things I missed in this article: Cancer Treatment Has Come A Long Way In 2015: These Are The 5 Biggest Breakthroughs

Here’s some developments in green tech

Adidas created this 3D-printed shoe out of plastic from the ocean

Engineers are building solar balloons that float above the clouds for constant sun


New results from world’s most sensitive dark matter detector

Here are the top five candidates for ‘dark matter’

Physicists in Europe Find Tantalizing Hints of a Mysterious New Particle

New Studies Suggest the Speed of Light is Variable

Singularity News

This new ‘skyscraper’ chip could make computers run 1,000 times faster

Spaceflight Technology

NASA seeking astronauts for Mars mission, apply online

China launches dark matter detecting satellite into orbit

Astronomers discover closest potentially habitable planet: Wolf 1061c

Two NASA astronauts will perform an unscheduled spacewalk next week

I admire hard science fiction authors though the most I can do is write soft sci-fi at the moment.

No Warp Drives, No Transporters: Science Fiction Authors Get Real


New Dinosaur Had a Sail on Its Back


Did the ROMANS discover America? Radical theory claims sword found on Oak Island suggests ancient mariners set foot on the New World before Columbus


New Clues on How and When Wolves Became Dogs

I found some random bits good for worldbuilding details in sci-fi I thought worth including in this week’s post.

Hydrogen fuel cells promise to keep drones flying for hours

Good to know for murder mysteries: How to Destroy a Hard Drive—Permanently

This may become a major plot point or a minor detail in futuristic tales. Bitcoin’s ‘blockchain’ tech may transform banking


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