Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending December 27, 2015

This will be the last Science Fiction Inspiration post for 2015. I’ve got no special way to mark the occasion other than to post the current week’s trends. Trends don’t stop on the holidays.

Take a VR tour of the White House to celebrate the holidays


Remains Of Captive Carnivores Discovered At Mexican Pyramid

Gadgets-some sound cool even if they only have novelty value

These Earthquake-Proof Beds Are Absolutely Freaking Terrifying

This bomb-proof bag can suppress explosions on aircraft

In the Future, Magnets May Track Your Fingers in Virtual Reality


Who knew physics was applicable to medical technology? A quirk in the laws of physics is the basis of a fast new blood test

Physicists figure out how to retrieve information from a black hole

This timeline shows the entire history of the Universe, and where it’s headed

Communications Technology

Error 451 is the new Ray Bradbury-inspired HTTP code for online censorship

Engineers demo first processor that uses light for ultrafast communications

Researchers propose using patterns and icons for passwords

Health Research

Migraine breakthrough as scientists discover the [‘oxidative stress’] process that triggers EVERY symptom – paving the way for a cure

Scientists have discovered brain networks linked to intelligence for the first time

High On The Highway: Scientists Try To Build A Marijuana Breathalyzer

Compulsive Gamers Display Unusual Brain Wiring

Nine-year-old boy has testicular tissue frozen because brain cancer treatment may make him infertile.

Gene Editing Is Huge Leap Forward in Fight Against Cancer

The science of sex: Experts reveal why love hurts, how sex helps us live longer – and why it’s so important to kiss

Space Flight Technology

SpaceX Will Launch (And Land?) Its Most Powerful Rocket Yet

And there was this follow-up later in the week:Musk’s Triumph: A Falcon 9 Rocket Lands Upright in Florida

Scientists are attempting to grow potatoes on a simulated Mars

This may seem like a boring piece of trivia, but it’s a detail that will help flesh out space novels. Just In Time for Christmas: Russian Cargo Ship Makes Space Station Delivery

Social Sciences

I found a fun social sciences article: The “Dark Triad” Of Personality Traits Will Help You Get Ahead In Your Career


Exceptionally strong and lightweight new metal created with inclusion of nanoparticles.

Cyberpunk Worldbuilding Details

Anonymous anoint Gary McKinnon as the greatest hacker of all times

This is how you can join Anonymous hacktivist group


Investing In Artificial Intelligence

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