Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending March 13, 2016

Here’s the science news that trended this week. I lead this week’s post with a list of the research facilities responsible for the most current scientific innovations.

Research Innovations    Singularity    Manufacturing

Paleontology    Archaeology    Physics

Green Technology    Gadgets    Cybersecurity

Space Race    Astronomy    Health Research

Neuroscience    Medical Marijuana    Open Science

Environment    Transportation

Research Innovations

The World’s Most Innovative Research Institutions


Quantum computer revolves around just 5 atoms

Stanford researchers using Toronto-based Wattpad’s stories to inform artificial intelligence

Watch: Meet Nadine, the ’emotionally intelligent’ companion robot

Google’s A.I. Program AlphaGo Claims Second Victory Against ‘Go’ Champion

Google is using neural networks to improve Translate


The darkest material on Earth has become even darker

Understanding Graphene – Part 2


A Dozen Cretaceous Lizards Were Perfectly Preserved In Amber

The age of the dinosaurs


First pants worn by horse riders 3,000 years ago


Scientists have finally found a way to control electrons in action

New LHC results suggest there’s a flaw in the standard model of physics

Electrons jump down ‘rabbit holes’ in new type of cystal

The physics of gravitational waves

Green Technology

Electric supercar wins young Croatian global fame

New composite material that traps oxygen selectively could be useful for energy applications such as fuel cells

Innovative catalyst fabrication method may yield breakthrough in fuel cell development

Scientists Have Discovered a Bacteria That’s Evolved to Eat Plastic


Augmented reality tool applies virtual makeup in real time

BMW shows vision for future of driving as it turns 100


You can trick a smartphone fingerprint scanner in just 15 minutes with a printer

Space Race

SpaceX has clean satellite launch, but crashing landing

Outer space is the ‘next resource frontier,’ says CEO of asteroid mining firm

Canadian researchers studying impact of long-term space flight

Life on Mars? Space agencies prepare to send spacecraft to red planet

Russia is no longer a Part of the Game? SpaceX is Taking over…

Blue Origin Plans To Start Manned Flights To Space In 2017

Everything you need to know about the upcoming ExoMars mission

ExoMars Spacecraft Roll Out to Launchpad for Monday’s Liftoff (Photos)


This image shows how the world will end, according to Hubble scientists

Health Research

New scanning technique reveals how concussion damages the brain

Stem cells ‘link’ to repeat miscarriages, say scientists

Living in Between the Deaf and Hearing Worlds With cochlear implants, people can turn the noise around them on and off at will.

Mother of 3 adopted children is first U.S. uterus transplant recipient

First Uterus Transplant in U.S. Has Failed

Tool predicts whether teens, kids with concussions will have persistent symptoms

University of Toronto Scientists develop homegrown human on a chip

New Procedure Allows Kidney Transplants From Any Donor

‘Stunning’ operation regenerates eye’s lens

Why Can’t You Get Rid Of UTI-Causing Bacteria When You Pee?

New Drug Class Hits MRSA Achilles Heel, Restores Antibiotic Effectiveness In Mice

Scientists May Make Cancer Immunotherapy Treatments More Precise With Breakthrough Discovery

Scientists sort out mechanism of Alzheimer’s disease development

Edmonton study shows vibration technology an alternative to MRI

Remarkable Breast Cancer Trial Destroys Tumors in Just 11 Days

3-D Printing Helps Three-Legged Pup Run Again


How the Brain Dumps Its Trash [Video]

Medical Marijuana

Is Marijuana a Miracle Drug for Curing Anxiety?

Open Science

You can now contribute to real-world science by playing Eve Online


Climate change could bring poisonous snakes slithering to Canada: study

Five things to know about ‘short-lived pollutants’ and their climate impacts

Dangerous global warming will happen sooner than thought – study

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels show record increase in past year


Slovakia Is a Natural First Stop for the Hyperloop—No Joke



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