Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending March 20, 2016

These are the trending science stories I stored in my subconscious this week. I’ll see what kind of stories it inspires in the future. So far, nothing struck me as a story prompt, in and of itself, but I am filing away many worldbuilding details.

I hope to have better headings in the future as I learn the proper names of scientific fields and classification systems. This is the best I can do for now. Click the headings to see the stories or else click more to see the entire list for this week’s blog post.

Cybersecurity    Fossils    Biometrics

Environment    Space Race    Health Research

Sexual Health    Singularity    Gadgets

Evolution    Transportation    Astronomy

Social Networks    Accessibility    Paleontology

Physics    Data Management    Historical Reenactment

Open Science    Mathematics    Green Technology



2D Fingerprint Spoof Method Highlights Need For Liveness Detection

The FBI Warns That Car Hacking Is a Real Risk


Fossils found in Mantua 140-million years old


Researchers looking to identify terrorists based on hand geometry


With human help, plants, animals and microbes are now contributing to climate change, a new study says

Pesticides make pollination more difficult for bumblebees: U of G study

‘Smart’ nose sniffs out pollution to protect Disney art

Scientists using crowdfunding to sequence the genome of Joshua tree</>

Climate change could increase overall grasslands growth: study

Carbon from land contributes to last deglaciation

Melting of Ice Wedges Adds to Arctic Warming

Space Race

Sticky, stony and sizzling science launching to space station by Orbital ATK

WATCH LIVE @ 5:10 pm ET: ESA ExoMars Updates After Launch to Red Planet

What would it take to put an astronaut on Mars?

NASA to light fire on orbiting space craft

Health Research

Study backs kidney transplant method for hardest-to-match

Stem Cell Research Could Result in Cornea Replacement For Cataract Patients Within the Next Few Years

Cancer Simplified: Part 4 – The Immune System’s In-Built Anti-Cancer Mechanism

How the body can learn to kill cancer

Pure maple syrup extract may help prevent Alzheimer’s

Researchers develop a polymer sponge to repair broken backs

Tool Could Modify Genes to Treat Cancer, Autism

MIT scientists find evidence that Alzheimer’s ‘lost memories’ may one day be recoverable

Healthy Heart Makes For Healthy Brain: Good Cardiovascular System May Improve Cognitive Ability

Osteoporosis: Stem cell therapy could hold the key to treatment

Sexual Health

Birth control pill for men steps closer


Minecraft to run artificial intelligence experiments

How Google’s AI Viewed the Move No Human Could Understand

Go humans: Lee Sedol scores first victory against supercomputer

Researchers have built the most complex light-based quantum computer chip ever

The meaning of AlphaGo, the AI program that beat a Go champ


The best drone racer in the world just won $250,000

Sony’s futuristic Concept N headphones don’t touch your ears

Sony finally reveals how much PlayStation VR will cost, and when it’s coming

Nike Will Release Self-Lacing Shoes By The End Of This Year


Scientists have grown ‘dinosaur legs’ on a chicken for the first time

Oldest Human DNA Ever Sequenced Could Rewrite Human Evolutionary Tree

The REAL paleo-diet: Bones reveal Neanderthals ate mammoths and rhinos but also snacked on PLANTS

Prehistoric Puppy Could Provide Clues About Canine Evolution

Modern Melanesians Are Related To A Mysterious Extinct Species Of Human

Humans Interbred With Hominins on Multiple Occasions, Study Finds

Homo sapiens’ sex with extinct species was no one-night stand


A European Hyperloop Is Being Built That Will Take You From Vienna To Budapest In 10 Minutes


Astronomers discover the biggest object in the Universe so far – the BOSS Great Wall

Astronomers may have found the fastest spinning object in the universe

Social Networks

vTime is the first social network for virtual reality


Wikipedia to get more accessible for the visually impaired


Small, brainy tyrannosaur sheds light on how T. rex evolved

Dinosaur described as ‘savage predator’ uncovered in northwestern Alberta

Scientists One Step Closer to Cloning T. Rex After Finding Its Pregnant Remains

Paleontologists discover new way to identify female dinosaurs

Pregnant T. rex Found, May Contain DNA


New model to decode what invisible dark matter is

Researchers Develop New Lens For Terahertz Radiation

Experimentation and largest-ever quantum simulation of a disordered system explain quantum many-particle problem

The Horrifying Truth About Star Trek Transporters

Data Management

Why Data Minimization Is An Important Concept In The Age of Big Data

Historical Reenactment

Beyond Gorgeous Video Shows the Making of a Damascus Steel Sword

Open Science

Group of biologists is bypassing journals and uploading their work straight to the Internet

Weapons Development

‘Invisibility cloaks’ for military tech could breach Geneva Conventions, says expert

Futuristic military railgun ‘bullets’ could travel at Mach 6


Abel prize won by Oxford professor for Fermat’s Last Theorem proof

Green Technology

New ORNL Method Could Unleash Solar Power Potential

Advanced energy storage material gets unprecedented nanoscale analysis


New evidence of secret chambers in Tutankhamun’s tomb hints at royal treasures


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