Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending March 27, 2016

These articles act as a knowledge base for my writing so I can come up with new story ideas without always relying on tropes I’ve seen in other writers’ work. I don’t mind learning from the best, but real world science articles help me feed the

Use the list to click the headings you want to see or else click more to see the entire list.

Singularity    Virtual Reality    Open Source

Astronomy    Health Research    Neuroscience

Medical Marijuana    Sexual Health    Environment

Space Race    Green Technology    Paleontology

Evolution    Cybersecurity    Telecommunications

Archaeology    Biology    Gadgets

Weapons Development


How real businesses are using machine learning

Need A Useless Robot? Simone Giertz Is The Queen

Panasonic gives us our first look at bionic factory workers

Crazy-eyed robot wants a family and to destroy all humans

What Everyone Should Know About Cognitive Computing

Why you should fear artificial intelligence

Sophia, The Robot And Future Health Care Worker, Makes Her Debut At SXSW Interactive

Microsoft deletes ‘teen girl’ AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours

A novel written by AI passes the first round in a Japanese literary competition

Do androids dream of getting an Oscar?

Virtual Reality

What to expect from virtual reality in 2016

Open Source

The animation software behind Futurama and Studio Ghibli’s films is going open source


New studies detail just how complex Pluto and its moons are

Quasars slowed star formation: First observed evidence of galactic-wind phenomenon

Astronomers have observed the most “outrageously luminous” galaxies ever

Solar Storms Supercharge Jupiter’s Dramatic Auroras (Photo)

Earth Is About To Pass Through The Tail Of Halley’s Comet, Giving Us A Month Of Meteor Showers

Solar Storms Cause Enormous X-Ray Aurorae On Jupiter

Saturn’s Moons & Rings May Be Younger Than Dinosaurs

Volcanic activity brought about a shift in Moon’s axis 3 billion years ago

Health Research

Scientists have grown a first-of-its-kind functional heart muscle from stem cells

How Dogs Can Sniff Out Diabetes and Cancer

Scientists have created a painless patch that can control diabetes without injections

Pill that ‘lights up’ breast cancer could lead to more accurate screening

Stem cell injection reverses osteoporosis in mice

New implantable capsule to help fight Alzheimer’s

Scientists have removed HIV from human immune cells using a new gene-editing technique

We all carry the genes for autism, study finds

Eye-tracking device may lead to 60-second concussion diagnosis

Unlocking the secrets of gene expression: Scientists make major advance in understanding a basic process of life

B.C. kitten to receive cutting-edge fake legs

Cowlick Hairstyle Linked To Cancer-Suppressing Protein

Permanent total artificial heart could eliminate the need for transplants

Nesel Pack is a backpack designed to bring comfort to children with autism

A blood test before birth could predict your medical destiny

This study shows how natural tears can provide comfort to your eyes

Health experts: Long-term effects of vaping largely unknown


What believing in God does to your brain

Medical Marijuana

Heavy pot use linked to social, economic problems

Sexual Health

New penile implant promises to make it bigger and better

Dubai woman hopes to become first to get pregnant using ovary frozen when she was just eight years old

Men diagnosed with Zika should wait for six months before having unprotected sex


February was the warmest month in recorded history, climate experts say

India’s Agasthyamala listed among 20 world biosphere reserves

Prominent Climate Scientists Say Boulder-Hurling Megawaves Are Decades Away

Climate change and lack of sanitation threaten water safety for millions: UNICEF

SurvivalSeeds4Patriots Applauds Colorado Seed Vault’s Quest to Study Plant Evolution

ASU Researcher Improves Crop Performance with New Biotechnology

Space Race

New International Space Station Crew Arrives Safely

NASA scientists say we could colonise the Moon by 2022… for just $10 billion

Europe’s ExoMars orbiter smoothly cruising toward red planet

Russian space station cargo ship launch, docking to air on NASA TV

Green Technology

8 Air-Filtering Plants That Will Boost Your Productivity

This common bacterium grows 60% better in space than on Earth


This super-scary dinosaur ruled Asia long before T. Rex


Observe The Evidence For Evolution On Your Own Body

Ancient India, Eurasia link were ‘freeways’ for biodiversity exchange

Blind cavefish fish able to walk and crawl up walls, Holds clues to evolution


Outcome of Apple-FBI case could impact future security designs


Scientists push a record 57Gbps through fiber optic lines


Archaeologists To Study Shackled Skeletons From Ancient Greece To Understand Rise Of Athens

We’re getting closer than ever to reading the mysterious Herculaneum scrolls

CT Scans Reveal Brutal Injuries On Pharaoh Ramesses III


Scientists Build Synthetic Bacteria With Just 473 Genes


Now clean your dirty clothes with sunlight

Weapons Development

Thought Leaders, Policy Makers Discuss CBRN Response, Defense, Technology Readiness at Defense Strategies Institute’s Joint Civil & DoD CBRN Symposium

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