Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending April 24, 2016

These stories are helping me worldbuild my stories though few of them become story prompts in and of themselves. Sometimes a topic that trends for weeks builds a narrative I find interesting and end up using in my own stories. Maybe it can do the same for my fellow writers. Potential readers may like to see story ideas develop. Click
the headings you want to read or click more to see the whole list.

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Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending April 17, 2016

These blog posts are my weekly reference reading lists. So far I find it easier to keep on top of issues by reading articles as the come out rather than reading books. I still reserve the right to read a science reference book if and when I need more in-depth information, but reading the trending posts tells me what is most relevant in the science/science fiction fields. So far it makes writing sci-fi easier, but it will be up to my readers to judge if it makes the output better.

Click the headings to read the topics that interest you, or click “more” to see the entire list:

Internet Mapping    Green Technology    Space Race

Programming Languages    Cybersecurity    Health Research

Reproductive Health    Neuroscience    Medical Marijuana

Geography    Singularity    Astronomy

Physics    Evolution    Archaeology

Gadgets    Environment    Program Coding

Open Source    Stem

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Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending April 10, 2016

Watching science trends is getting to be interesting in and of itself. Though I’m more interested in how it affects people’s daily lives, than in the actual disciplines entailed, which is why I’m a writer and not a scientist. Click the headings that interest you or click more to see this week’s links.

Social Good    Weapons Development    Space Race

Health Research    Sexual Health    Medical Marijuana

Reproductive Health    Virtual Reality    Cybersecurity

Green Technology    Archaeology    Aerospace

Singularity    Physics    Open Source

Historical Research    Environment    Nanotechnology

Astronomy    Military Sci-fi    Evolution

Data Management

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Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending April 3, 2016

I’m getting more science fiction story ideas thanks to all my reference reading. I hope these blog posts are useful to other writers out there or science fiction fans who also like straight science news. Click the headings to see their list of article links or you can click more to see the entire list.

Coding    Space Race    Astronomy

Gadgets    Health Research    Sexual Health

Reproductive Health    Medical Marijuana    Paleontology

Environment    Green Technology    Biology

Archaeology    Evolution    Open Source

Singularity    Virtual Reality    Nanotechnology

Manufacturing    Physics    Weapons Development

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