Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending April 3, 2016

I’m getting more science fiction story ideas thanks to all my reference reading. I hope these blog posts are useful to other writers out there or science fiction fans who also like straight science news. Click the headings to see their list of article links or you can click more to see the entire list.

Coding    Space Race    Astronomy

Gadgets    Health Research    Sexual Health

Reproductive Health    Medical Marijuana    Paleontology

Environment    Green Technology    Biology

Archaeology    Evolution    Open Source

Singularity    Virtual Reality    Nanotechnology

Manufacturing    Physics    Weapons Development


These 10 steps will help you learn coding easily

8 Microsoft Word features that will take you to the next level

Every new programmer should know these 7 things about coding

Software security needs a new perspective

Space Race

Here’s How We Could Build A Colony On An Alien World

Cargo ship reaches space station on resupply run

Europe’s ExoMars orbiter smoothly cruising toward red planet “Details”

Big adventure in store for diminutive Diwata-1 satellite

Fungi to be sent to space station by SpaceX

NASA Test Could Pave The Way For Future Space Habitats

Japan’s Lost Black Hole Satellite Just Reappeared and Nobody Knows What Happened to It

SETI to search red dwarf stars for signs of intelligent life


Planet Nine: Scientists find more evidence that hidden planet is sitting at the edge of our solar system

This researcher thinks a mysterious Planet X is causing mass extinctions on Earth

Investigating the Mystery of Migrating ‘Hot Jupiters’

‘Super-Earth’ is super hot, NASA telescope discovers

See Jupiter Take One for the Solar System

Alien Earth May Be Forming Around Nearby Star (Photos)

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope helps create Temperature Map of a Super Earth

Lasers could hide Earth from deadly aliens, 2 astronomers say


This $99 Gadget Turns Your Smartphone Into A 3D Printer

Hydrogen-powered drone takes flight

Health Research

The Ultimate Comeback: Bringing the Dead Back to Life

Digital mammography can help predict heart disease

Experts wary of electrical brain stimulation at home

Revolution In Cancer Treatment: 2 New Therapies May Help Patients ‘Live Again’

Blood test that can find evidence of a concussion days later is closer to becoming a reality

‘Exciting’ new genetic test for child cancer patients

HIV-positive organs transplanted in U.S.

Giant Rats Are Being Used To Sniff Out Tuberculosis

Promising lab-grown skin sprouts hair and grows glands

The Value of Genetic Counselors

Sexual Health

New app to deliver HIV prevention meds without a doctor’s visit

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Testicles

The Right Way to Go Commando

Reproductive Health

What Is Vaginal Seeding?

To Help Newborns Dependent On Opioids, Hospitals Rethink Mom’s Role

The Tampon of the Future

Medical Marijuana

Does Cannabis Cause Mental Illness?

Treating Withdrawal Symptoms Helps Cannabis Users Quit

Whoopi Goldberg founds medical marijuana company for women


New Tyrannosaur Species Debuts at the Smithsonian

Dinosaur Extinction May Have Been Caused By An “Interstellar Cloud”

Irish scientist’s fossil study to reveal colours of dinosaurs


New Sea-Level Rise Population Impacts Are Three Times Larger Than Current Estimates

Unexpectedly Widespread Permafrost Melting Could Set Off A Greenhouse Gas Timebomb

2016 Arctic Sea Ice Wintertime Extent Hits Another Record Low

NASA reports Winter Arctic Sea Ice growth hits all time low

Japan’s building a giant ‘ice wall’ to contain the Fukushima radiation

New Law Seeks To Prosecute Fossil Fuel Companies For Deliberately Misleading The Public Over Climate Change

Climate Model Predicts West Antarctic Ice Sheet Could Melt Rapidly

A new NASA study claims thickening ice in the Antarctic Peninsula – Naperville Tech Time

Green Technology

This biodegradable, algae-based water bottle breaks down when it’s empty


A fossilised skull has revealed when the last ‘Siberian unicorn’ lived on Earth

Prehistoric humans & ‘unicorns’ may have walked Earth at same time, says study


Why Palmyra, Recently Liberated, Is a Historical Treasure

Mysterious Text In “Lost Language” Discovered On Ancient Stone Slab

Scan of King Tut’s Tomb

Girl Mummy Sheds Light on Early American Fate

The discovery of a mysterious, ancient site could rewrite the history of Vikings in America


There’s a little cave man in all of us: Early human inbreeding

The ‘not face’ and the evolution of language

Malaria may have evolved in prehistoric era: Study

Age of ‘Hobbit’ species revised

305 Million-Year-Old Fossil A Glimpse Into The Origins Of Spiders

Ancient viruses lurking in human DNA

Open Source

The Linux Foundation Announces Free Open Source Compliance Course for Developers

Microsoft is adding the Linux command line to Windows 10

Ten Awesome Science Courses You Can Take Online For FREE

How One Coder Almost Broke The Internet By Deleting A Few Lines Of Code


Microsoft’s racist chatbot returns with drug-smoking Twitter meltdown

Microsoft’s racist chatbot returns with drug-smoking Twitter meltdown

Virtual Reality

Google’s new VR View tool allows easy embedding of 360-degree content

Microsoft’s HoloLens is super limited — and hella magical


These Tiny Nanobots Can Automatically Sense And Repair Broken Electronic Circuits Too Small For Us To See

Scientists discover another design principle for building nanostructures


Silicon and Graphene Combo Finally Achieve Lithium-Ion Battery Greatness


Boron: Physics’ latest superconductive material

‘India to Become Central to LIGO Gravitational Waves Project’

Weapons Development

DARPA’s reusable unmanned ‘gremlin’ planes are a go



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