Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending April 10, 2016

Watching science trends is getting to be interesting in and of itself. Though I’m more interested in how it affects people’s daily lives, than in the actual disciplines entailed, which is why I’m a writer and not a scientist. Click the headings that interest you or click more to see this week’s links.

Social Good    Weapons Development    Space Race

Health Research    Sexual Health    Medical Marijuana

Reproductive Health    Virtual Reality    Cybersecurity

Green Technology    Archaeology    Aerospace

Singularity    Physics    Open Source

Historical Research    Environment    Nanotechnology

Astronomy    Military Sci-fi    Evolution

Data Management

Social Good

The 12 most impressive social good innovations from March

Weapons Development

DARPA starts speed testing its submarine-hunting drone ship

Space Race

Blue Origin’s reusable rocket nails its third landing

Opportunity Rover on Mars Takes on Its Steepest Slope Yet

One small test for a rocket but a giant leap towards space travel: Third round of trials on Jeff Bezos’ New Shepard which could blast up to 333,000ft proves a success

SpaceX Rocket Lands at Last. Take That, Robot Boat!

This tiny satellite could be your own personal spacecraft from just $1,000

Health Research

Now, save lives through your personal blood account!

Soon, drugs to halt accelerated onset of diabetic eye disease

Medical breakthrough: Why cancers return – Scientists make astonishing discovery

Portable Balance Board Beats Traditional Test Detecting Concussion

DNA analysis can determine Breast Cancer Risk – Wichita Daily Science

HIV cure could be only a few years away, scientists say

Your viruses could reveal your history, and more

The jab that could end the misery of migraines: New ‘holy grail’ drug slashes the number of attacks by up to 75%

Structure Of Zika Virus Finally Mapped

Being in a choir could help the body fight cancer by boosting the immune system

Return of the Victorian diseases: Scarlet fever, TB, whooping cough, even scurvy. We thought they’d been consigned to history, but now worried doctors are asking why so many are back

Studies Prooft it, CRISPR Cas9 can treat to faulty genes in Human – Tampa Daily Science

The Loss Of A Loved One Can Actually Alter Your Heartbeat

Scientists find novel metabolic twist that drives cancer survival

Limb Regeneration Could Be Lurking In Our Genes

Treating addiction with hydromorphone saves lives and money, experts say

Study shows higher levels of vitamin D corresponds to lower cancer risk

Vitamin D Improves Cardiac Function in Heart Failure Patients, Study Finds

Huge leap to mass produced platelets

Testosterone Shots and Gel May Reduce Heart Attack Risk In Men With Coronary Artery Disease

Sexual Health

This Factor Is Key to Your Attractiveness

How long DOES sex normally last? Study finds it can range from 33 seconds to 44 minutes – but the average is 5 minutes

HIV Fights Off CRISPR Gene-Editing Attack

Medical Marijuana

‘Why cannabis SHOULD be prescribed to patients’: Drug can help with conditions from chronic pain to cancer – with few side effects, leading doctor argues

Reproductive Health

Something Unexpected Could Be Determining If Your Children Are Male Or Female

Virtual Reality

What’s VR useful for? More than you can possibly imagine

Can virtual reality relieve pain?

Online High School in Japan Enters Virtual Reality

How Microsoft Conjured Up Real-Life Star Wars Holograms


FBI trick for breaking into iPhone likely to leak, limiting its use

FBI says iPhone unlocking method won’t work with newer models

Green Technology

Electric car boom drives surge in charging-station demand

Light can help develop new materials for environment protection

Google invests in the Center for Resource Solutions, a renewable energy non-profit

The ransomware that knows where you live


Ancestral Puebloans were Hit by Boom and Bust

Isaac Newton’s Lost Alchemy Recipe Rediscovered

We Now Know Where Hannibal Crossed The Alps, Thanks To His Army’s Poop

Ancient DNA exposes story of how Native Americans thrived, then were wiped out when Europeans came

Bringing the Ghostly City of Pompeii Back to Life


Drones Marshaled to Drop Lifesaving Supplies Over Rwandan Terrain


Facebook is getting better for the blind thanks to clever AI

Kik opens Bot Shop doors with 16 chat bots

Internet of Things goes mainstream, according to new Verizon report

Google’s self-driving cars will get a taste of the desert in Phoenix

Convoy of self-driving trucks completes first European cross-border trip

3D-printed hydraulic robot ‘can practically walk right out of the printer’

Bots are the next frontier in social media


Scientists have just discovered a new state of matter

Physicists Have Observed A New State Of Quantum Matter

Open Source

Google open sources WALT Latency Timer to help Android developers make snappier apps

Historical Research

Swordplay academy slays fantasy, revives lost art of knighthood


Green sea turtles of Florida and Mexico are no longer endangered: Decades of conservation work has seen numbers soar

Climate change has serious consequences for mental health: study

Climate Models May Overstate Clouds’ Cooling Power, Research Says

World Bank hikes aid to poor nations fighting global warming

We Finally Know Why the North Pole Is Moving East


Scientists just made the world’s smallest diode out of DNA


Planet Nine is fact or theoretical myth, Astromers are in clash – Henderson Daily Science

Scientists Find Gigantic Black Hole Way Out in the Cosmic Backwater

A huge space explosion showered Earth with radioactive fallout

Solar Storm Scientists Prepare for the “Big One” With New Urgency

Military Sci-fi

A Hotel Safety Checklist for World Travelers From a Former CIA Operative


This new pen digitises your notebooks as you write in them

Circuit Simulator Lets You Play Around with Electronics Components in Your Browser


Anti-Viral Enzyme Contributes to Mutational Mix of Hominid Genomes

Cornell and Bar-Ilan Research team notices fast track evolution

A key ingredient for life on Earth may have crash landed here from space

Data Management

Scientists have figured out how to store digital images in DNA



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