Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending April 17, 2016

These blog posts are my weekly reference reading lists. So far I find it easier to keep on top of issues by reading articles as the come out rather than reading books. I still reserve the right to read a science reference book if and when I need more in-depth information, but reading the trending posts tells me what is most relevant in the science/science fiction fields. So far it makes writing sci-fi easier, but it will be up to my readers to judge if it makes the output better.

Click the headings to read the topics that interest you, or click “more” to see the entire list:

Internet Mapping    Green Technology    Space Race

Programming Languages    Cybersecurity    Health Research

Reproductive Health    Neuroscience    Medical Marijuana

Geography    Singularity    Astronomy

Physics    Evolution    Archaeology

Gadgets    Environment    Program Coding

Open Source    Stem

Internet Mapping

How an internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas farm into a digital hell

Green Technology

Solar cell generates power from raindrops

Space Race

SpaceX Dragon Arrives at Space Station, Delivers Inflatable Room Prototype

The Kepler spacecraft has unexpectedly entered ’emergency mode’

Could A Steam-Powered Moon Buggy Help Humans Colonize The Moon And Mars?

NASA’s Kepler spacecraft recovers from emergency mode, but what triggered it?

Celebrating 55 years of space travel in Russia’s formerly secret training centre

Inflatable capsules for space tourists

Stephen Hawking and a Russian Billionaire Want to Build an Interstellar Starship

NASA To Test New 40km Solar Sail That Could Leave The Solar System In Under 10 Years

The Forgotten Soviet Space Shuttle Could Fly Itself

NASA funds plan to protect Earth from doomsday asteroids, Report

How to Launch a Rocket Into Space … and Then Land it on a Ship at Sea

NASA Installing Attachable Inflatable Space Habitat To ISS

Hawking supports use of nano-spacecraft

BEAM installation set to get underway

ExoMars Probe Sends First Pictures Back to Earth

Programming Languages

Top Programming Languages To Future-Proof Your Portfolio


Here is Why The FBI Director Puts Tape Over His Laptop’s Webcam

FBI paid hackers who cracked the San Bernardino iPhone, report says

Health Research

New test measures cancer drugs success

Scientists studying effect of ketogenic diet on brain cancer treatment

Mayo, GE Ventures launch technology firm near San Francisco

13 People Identified As Immune To Genetic Diseases, But Researchers Can’t Find Them

Doctors who assist in patient deaths may suffer psychological distress, QMA executive warns

Testing blood pressure in BOTH arms could save lives: Difference between readings found to be a sign of a severe heart risk

Doctors Find Discussing End of Life Care Difficult to Patient, Study Finds

Sean Parker, Silicon Valley’s bad boy genius, wants to kick the *!$% out of cancer

Mental Health Issues Affect 26% of Americans: WHO To Address Mental Disorders

Reproductive Health

Three Ontario families suing sperm bank over ‘schizophrenic’ donor allegedly jailed for burglary


This popular painkiller may hamper your ability to notice errors, U of T researchers say

Neuronal structures associated with memory sprout in response to novel molecules

Brain Chip Gives Paralyzed Man Control of His Hand

Medical Marijuana

Pot-in-schools bill clears Colorado legislative hurdle

What to do if your employee asks to use medicinal marijuana at work

Smoking Weed May Actually Change The Way Your Brain Processes Rewards


North Pole is headed east and humans are the cause


Just Like Human Skin, This Plastic Sheet Can Sense And Heal

Facebook unleashes the bots on Messenger

Skype Bots changing the conversation


New Formula Helps Predict When Neutron Star Collapses To A Black Hole

Astronomers have discovered a region in space where black holes have mysteriously aligned


Ames boffins mix metals to boost electron velocity

Scientists just got the first direct proof of stable carbyne – the world’s strongest material

Take a journey into the subterranean lab inside an Ontario mine unveiling the secrets of the universe

The Universe is expanding faster than the laws of physics can explain, new measurements reveal

Scientists Have Constructed A Single-Atom Engine


How humans may have spelt the extinction of Neanderthals

New Tree Of Life Published – And Most Of The Species On It Are A Complete Mystery To Us

Sexually transmitted infections could explain why humans became monogamous

‘Trickle of food’ helped deep-sea creatures survive the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs: Marine animals feasted on bacteria as it sank to the ocean floor


Scientists discover 1,500-year-old Mongolian mummy ‘wearing Adidas boots’

Biblical clue: Were key texts written earlier than previously thought?


Smart key prevents drunk driving


Climate Change is Worse Than You Thought

Study: Clear-cutting undermines carbon storage in forest floor

Climate change far more than an environmental issue

Program Coding

This man deleted his entire company with one line of wrong code

Open Source

Facebook open-sources developer tools for iOS


The Minecraft Generation


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