Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending May 8, 2016

I’m not saying I’m informed enough to write hard science fiction yet, but my article reading has affected the editing of Bricolage, which I plan to release as an indie publication later this year. Perhaps these links will be helpful to another writer or someone might prefer straight science over science fiction. Click the headings you’re interested in or else click “more” to see all the links.

Singularity    Environment    Geology

Astronomy    Space Race    Green Technology

Paleontology    Health Research    Medical Marijuana

Neuroscience    Reproductive Health    Sexual Health

Life Extension    Cybersecurity

Digital Currency    Physics    Gadgets

Evolution    Archaeology    Virtual Reality

Wildlife    Nanotechnology    Open Source

Random Tidbit


Driverless cars would mean ‘a lot more sex’ behind the wheel: expert

Why gamers avoid touchscreens for better experience

International meeting proves no one knows how to regulate killer robots

Legislative framework still needed for autonomous vehicles

There’s Now a Real Quantum Computer That Anyone Can Use Remotely

Watch robo cockroach buddies help one another climb stairs

After riding in Google car, FCA head believes self-driving cars could be on roads in 5 years

Can IBM fast-track quantum computing via the crowd?


Global Warming Occuring Due To 5 Planet-Changing Could Affect Neary 50% Of Earth

Here’s What Earth Would Look Like If Fossil Fuel Energy, Nuclear And Renewable Power Sources Were All Turned Off One By One

B.C. has seen worse droughts than previously thought, tree rings reveal

Global warming could turn Middle East and Northern Africa into ‘dead zones’ for humans and force 500 million people to relocate

This is meant to be sarcastic. Five Reasons Not To Care About Climate Change

India To Spend $6 Billion To Create New Forests


Origin of Earth’s oldest crystals revealed

The south is SINKING: Giant chunks of the Earth’s mantle are falling off and causing quakes across the southeastern US – and more are coming, warn researchers

Comet craters—literal melting pots for life on Earth

San Andreas Fault Is “Locked, Loaded And Ready To Go,” Says Leading Seismologist

Sudbury crater: a giver of life?


New space telescope’s giant gold mirror unveiled: Bob McDonald

Two black holes are defying the limits of science

Astronomers have discovered the first ever comet without a tail

NASA Just Discovered a Rare Galaxy Hiding Within the Pisces Constellation

Astronomers Have Discovered The First Known White Dwarf Pulsar

NASA’s Giant Sunglasses Could Allow Space Telescopes to Take Pictures of Habitable Worlds

Will the Real Earthlike Planets Please Stand Up?

Space Race

Space News: Curiosity Mars rover crosses rugged plateau

X-ray telescope Astro-H lost in space, Japanese agency confirms

SpaceX updates the capabilities of its Falcon rockets on its website

ExoMars 2016 interplanetary mission launched

Unbelievable: NASA knows about every eclipse to occur in next 1,000 years

Tweaked Drake Equation Hints Earth Not The First Intelligent Civilization In The Universe

Stunning GoPro Rocket Launch Will Take You To Dizzying New Heights

SpaceX lands Falcon 9 rocket at sea again, despite much harsher conditions

Tim Peake is going to spend an extra couple of weeks in space

SpaceX lands rocket at sea 2nd time after satellite launch

Luxembourg aims high with asteroid mining deals

Green Technology

South African Company Designs Unique Solar Cooker

Elon Musk: ‘We need a revolt against the fossil fuel industry’

Scientists Watch Bacterial Sensor Respond to Light in Real Time


Giant duck-billed dinosaur fossil sets world record

Health Research

We finally know all 5 molecules that are attacked in type 1 diabetes

New drugs for aggressive prostate cancer ‘promising’

Scientists Transform Skin Cells Into Beating Heart Tissue And Brain Cells

New Antivenom Can Treat 18 Kinds of Snakebites

Largest-ever analysis of breast cancer genomes could lead to personalised treatments

A Third of Antibiotic Prescriptions are Just Wrong

Japanese scientists have used skin cells to restore a patient’s vision for the first time

Breast Cancer Campaigns Might Be Pink, But Men Get It Too

Does the secret to curing cancer lie within people who appear to be immune?

Students eating seeds to cause hallucinations, Massachusetts school officials warn

Medical Marijuana

Seniors and marijuana

Germany to allow medical marijuana consumption in certain cases


Our concept of free will could all be an illusion, new research suggests

Biotech Company Granted Ethical Permission To Attempt To Use Stem Cells To Reactivate The Brains Of The Dead

Reproductive Health

NASA-inspired ‘miracle suits’ helping save new moms globally

Health Canada reviewing safety concerns of controversial Essure birth control implant

Embryos grown outside womb for record-breaking 2 weeks

Increasing number of women are having orgasms during childbirth, study suggests

Sexual Health

Are dating apps really to blame for spikes in sexually transmitted diseases?

Home Testing Kits Are a New Way to Fight the STI Epidemic

Life Extension

Does the gene MC1R make you look old?


LG’s new fingerprint reader sits under a smartphone screen

Tor and VPN users labeled as criminals will be hacked and spied by FBI under new law

5 Simple Steps To Protect Yourself From IoT Security Threats

Digital spring cleaning: 4 ‘cyber hygiene’ tips to stay safe

Digital Currency

Craig Wright Reveals Himself as Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto


Hints of an unexpected new particle are getting stronger, and physicists are stumped


These undergraduates invented a device that literally turns sign language into speech

When Your Internet Goes Out, This Smart Plug Resets Your Router Until It Works Again

Sony Is Trying To Patent A Contact Lens That Can Record And Play Video At The Blink Of An Eye

Ford Now Tests Vehicles in World’s First Mobile Wind Tunnel


Archaeologists solve carnivorous killing of ‘Moroccan Grotte’ a Hominids hominin

Fundamental Limit To Genetic Code Reveals Why Its Evolution Halted Over 3,000 Million Years Ago

The ‘Underground Astronauts’ in search of new human species

Venomous mammal species may have lived with dinosaurs

Bizarre fish washes ashore on Carolina Beach (Photo)

Humans Paid for Bigger Brains With Gas-Guzzling Bodies


Spanish Park workers find huge trove of Roman Coins

Clothing from 1600s Shipwreck Shows How the One Percent Lived

Thanks To Cosmic Rays, We Finally Know What The Inside Of A Pyramid Looks Like

Virtual Reality

How VR Will Revolutionize Big Data Visualizations

Queen’s University researchers unveil HoloFlex, a flexible smartphone that renders 3D images


Male Spiders In Madagascar Perform Oral Sex To Avoid Getting Eaten

Stem-Cell Plan: Bring Back Rhino Species On The Brink Of Extinction


Scientists Make An Engine A Million Times Smaller Than An Ant

Open Source

Google competitor DuckDuckGo is giving away $225,000 to support open source

Open Source Storage Launches Public Cloud Offering & Builds Out Data Center

NASA Releases 56 Patents into Public Domain

Random Tidbit

Incredible MRI Images Show What An Opera Singer Looks Like On The Inside While Singing



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