Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending May 22, 2016

Here was my reading list this week. As usual I’m passing on the links to this blog’s readers. Click the headings that interest you or click the “more” tab to see the full list.

Gadgets    Singularity    Online Privacy

Data Management    Biology    Archaeology

Health Research    Bioethics    Medical Marijuana

Neuroscience    Psychology    Sexual Health

Reproductive Health    Virtual Reality    Open Source

Environment    Nanotechnology    Cybersecurity

Hacktivism    Green Technology    Space Race

Astronomy    Physics    Evolution

Geology    Paleontology    Wildlife


Samsung smartwatch concept projects an interface on your hand

Groundbreaking gadget claims to fit in your ear and translate foreign languages in real-time

Scientists have invented self-spooling ‘liquid wire’ that acts like spider silk

Google patents ‘sticky’ layer to protect pedestrians in self-driving car accidents

Google’s modular phone is coming, finally

Google’s New Science Journal App Turns Your Android Phone Into a Lab Full of Sensors

You Can Now Buy An Alien-Looking 3D-Printed Violin


Bots Unite to Automate the Presidential Election

Want to Buy a Self-Driving Car? Trucks May Come First

Chinese city Wuhu embraces driverless vehicles

Google developed a processor to power its AI bots

AI will create ‘useless class’ of human, predicts bestselling historian

Online Privacy

Belgian police says dont use Facebook’s reaction emojis if you value privacy

Facial recognition technology remains controversial despite new developments

Face recognition app taking Russia by storm may bring end to public anonymity

Expect virtual reality, artificial intelligence from Google

Data Management”

Can data save our democracy?

Facebook ‘Trending’ Controversy Proves Algorithms Should Replace Humans

New Survey Highlights Startling Erosion Of Online Trust


Scientists are using one of the world’s deadliest venoms as a safer insecticide

Trees seen resting branches while ‘asleep’ for the first time


Ancient Bison Bones Discovered at Florida Dig Site

First evidence of humans in N. America may have been found

Divers just uncovered incredible Roman treasures from a 1,600-year-old shipwreck

Florida State Researchers Uncover Clues to Early Civilization in U.S.

Ancient Device for Determining Taxes Discovered in Egypt

Health Research

Bio-glass could help regrow damaged cartilage

U.S. trial test machine that ‘reconditions’ lungs outside body

Antibiotics will stop working at a ‘terrible human cost’, major report warns

Superbugs will ‘kill every three seconds’

Bright light at night time can seriously mess with your metabolism, study finds

After 40 years of blindness, a bionic eye gave this man his sight back

Americans could prevent roughly half of all cancer deaths by doing these four things

Inactive Gene Can Stop Heart Attacks, Stroke & Reverse Maturity


Synthetic Human Genome: Scientist Meet Secretly At Harvard To Discuss Creating DNA

In Search For Cures, Scientists Create Embryos That Are Both Animal And Human

Johns Hopkins medical students will no longer train on live animals

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana, for babies and their desperate parents

When is stoned too stoned? About half of Canadians who drive while high insist pot doesn’t impair them

Cannabis’s Unique Relationship with Anxiety


Alzheimer’s Disease Patients With More Tau Protein In The Brain Face Greater Risk Of Cognitive Decline

Brain waves predict speed of second language learning

The REM In Remembering: Deep Sleep Is Key To Emotional, Spatial Memories

Autism Can Be An Asset In The Workplace, Employers And Workers Find

Complain All You Want, But Your Busy Schedule May Help Your Brain

Study: Mom’s voice works like a charm on your brain


Women’s Preference for Less Competition May Help Explain Pay Gap

Weighing the pros and cons of mental-health apps

Sexual Health

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market Is Anticipated To Reach $3.2 Billion By 2022: Grand View Research, Inc.

We’ve Created A New Way To Look At Your Vagina – It Might Just Save Your Life

Man fractures penis with loud ‘snapping sound’ during ‘vigorous sex’

Erectile dysfunction often has a psychological basis

Reproductive Health

A woman has become pregnant from anal sex, doctor claims

Condoms By Drone: A New Way To Get Birth Control To Remote Areas

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality the Future for Canucks Fans

NASA software ‘clones’ machine parts to predict breakdowns

Google’s VR platform includes partnerships with HBO, Ubisoft, the NBA, and more

B.C. virtual reality game helps young cancer patients with pain

Open Source

Linksys will let you use open router code under new FCC rules


In fight against pollution, China expands power of green teams

Lyme disease cases rising in Canada; climate change a probable factor

The world’s largest cruise ship and its supersized pollution problem


Nanotechnology To Make Holographic Applications More Secure And Efficient

This machine 3D prints metal structures in midair by lasering nanoparticles

Scientists Built a Giant Molecule That Could Fight Nearly Any Viral Infection

80% of Young Environmental Scientists Could Use More Natural History Training


China extends security reviews to gadgets from Apple and others


Teenaged student shuts down 444 school websites to tell teachers they are incomptent

Green Technology

The company turning 4 billion plastic bottles into clothes

Electricity from seawater: New method efficiently produces hydrogen peroxide for fuel cells

This sheet of paper can filter viruses right out of drinking water

Brewery Has Created Six-Pack Holders That Can Be Eaten By Marine Life

New Solar Plants Generate Floating Green Power

Not “inpspiring” but knowing of the dangers of solar plants makes for good potential sci-fi plot points! The World’s Largest Solar Plant Just Torched Itself

Space Race

This Is How NASA Tests Its Return Capsules for Landings at Sea

NASA just found even more evidence that Europa could host alien life

New ‘Spot the Station’ Tool Expands Ground-to-Space Connection

Giant tsunamis might have shaped the ancient Martian landscape


Dying stars could transform frozen planets into habitable worlds, astronomers find

Blue Galaxy Could Hold Clues To The Origin Of The Universe

Dwarf Planet Haumea’s Lunar System Smaller than Anticipated

Magnetic explosions observed by fleet of NASA spacecraft for first time


The most powerful proton conductor in the natural world is this jelly found inside a shark’s head


Multicellular life was caused by the same gene that suppresses cancer, study suggests

Multi-Cellular Life May Have Begun One Billion Years Earlier Than We Thought

Study spots evolution in action in Florida bird


Scientists find 4.5 billion year old rocks on Baffin Island


New Horned Dinosaurs Had Spiked Neck Shields

Tyrannosaurus rouge: lips may have hidden T rex’s fierce teeth


Arctic Foxes ‘Grow’ Their Own Gardens

Aggressive, man-eating Nile crocodiles lived in the Everglades for years

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