Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending June 12, 2016

There was one science article that caught my eye so I’m calling it “Pick of the Week”. Is a prosthetic based on a video game design cool or tacky? It may be cool not to be stuck with a vanilla design if you need a prosethetic.
Click the headings to see the topics you want, or click “more” to see whole list.

Pick of the Week    Singularity    Green Technology

Environment    Health Research    Medical Marijuana

Sexual Health    Genetics    Neuroscience

Psychology    Cybersecurity    Gaming

Virtual Reality    Geology    Physics

Chemistry    Space Race    Astronomy

Military Sci-fi    Data Management    Wildlife

Transportation    Archaeology    Anthropology

Pick of the Week

Square Enix and Open Bionics to release ‘affordable’ Deus Ex-inspired prosthetic arms in 2017


Sex robots to become a reality

Programmer Automates His Job For 6 Years, Finally Gets Fired, Forgets How To Code

An AI wrote the script for this movie, and let’s just say there’s eyeball-vomiting in it

Disneyland Is Testing New Interactive Droids That Will Roam Its Expanded Star Wars Lands

Green Technology

Perfect storm of factors speeding electric vehicle development

This high tech office will give everyone their own thermal bubble

WATCH: This floating home lets you travel across the world off-grid

A Student-Run Farm Cultivates Passion For Sustainable Agriculture

Apple is making so much clean energy, it formed a new company to sell it

Scientists have figured out how to turn CO2 into solid rock within months


Fate of B.C.’s ancient forests at centre of debate

87,000 NASA Images Show a Greening Arctic

How climate change threatens panda conservation

What Would Happen If Humans Suddenly Disappeared From The Planet?

Warming climate causing extensive greening in Canada, Alaska: study

Record Greenland Melting Caused by Surprising Feedback Loop

Health Research

Heroin, painkiller overdose antidote easier to buy

How to perform the Heimlich maneuver

Fountain of youth pill may be just 2 years away

Scientists have found a human protein that blocks Zika replication and prevents cell death

Scientists attempting to harvest human organs in pigs create human-pig embryo

Stem Cells May Safely Restore Motor Function In Patients Suffering From Disabilities After Stroke

New Immune Therapy Drug Gives Bladder Cancer Patients Fresh Hope

Women’s period seen as barrier to medical research

Stem cell transplant cures children with sickle cell anemia, says Alberta hospital

Real Answers on Cancer, Finally?

Laboratory breakthrough may lead to improved X-ray spectrometers

Microsoft Finds Cancer Clues in Search Queries

Injecting Stem Cells Directly Into the Brain Lets Stroke Patients Walk Again

Stroke more than doubles risk of dementia

A Scientist’s Dream Fulfilled: Harnessing The Immune System To Fight Cancer

New treatment can ‘halt’ multiple sclerosis, says study

Parkinson’s connection to faulty mitochondria investigated

Global plastic surgery hotspots

Medical Marijuana

Long-Term Pot Smoking Doesn’t Seem to Harm Health: Study

Sexual Health

Does Your Vulva Hurt? You Could Have Vulvodynia

Chemical castration manages sexual impulses, but courts can’t order it:experts


This new program can spot DNA mutations in a single cancer cell

Autism is NOT just a disease of the brain: Sensitivity to touch, anxiety and difficulty socialising ‘may be caused by nerve problems in the legs, arms and hands’


It Only Takes Two Brain Cells For Snails To Make Decisions

Hidden Scars On Brains Of Military Personnel Could Explain How Bomb Shockwaves Damage Cognition


Disconnect with nature raising mental illnesses in cities

Why high school stays with us forever


Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked, LinkedIn password dump likely to blame

Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid car alarm ‘hacked’

Russia’s Facebook, VK hacked, personal info of 1 million users being sold on dark web

Hackers Can Hack Facebook Messenger App To Read Or Alter Messages

Tech firms want to save the auto industry—and the connected car—from itself

‘Super Hunters’ Emerge As More Companies Adopt Bug Bounties

India’s security concerns are delaying Google Street View coverage


It’s lazy to blame video games for young men’s educational failures

Virtual Reality

Interactive 3D videos help Holocaust survivors tell stories

This school bus takes kids on a virtual trip to Mars

Microsoft’s FlashBack Could Bring VR to Low-End Phones


Scientists discover magma building up below a town in New Zealand

These rocks mark where two continents are breaking apart

Deep geological scars influence modern earthquakes


WATCH: The blackest material on Earth can make dense metal float

A mathematician has built a machine that can beat the odds in roulette

Physicists hint at a mysterious new ‘particle X’ messing with our Universe

Physicists confirm there’s a second layer of information hidden in our DNA

Physicists say they’ve figured out how spacecraft could make it through a wormhole

New Mathematics Accurately Captures Liquids and Surfaces Moving in Synergy


New Periodic Table Elements Named After Japan, Tennessee, and Moscow


The Real Reason More Women Don’t Code

Space Race

US may approve private venture moon mission: report

Mars One puts 100 Red Planet corpses colonists through fresh tests

NASA’s airborne survey of polar ice “Operation IceBridge” finishes Spring Campaign in the Arctic

Astronauts enter inflatable room at the International Space Station

SpaceX aims to relaunch a rocket for the first time later this year

SpaceX’s Leaning Rocket Tower Comes Ashore (Photos)


‘Wasteful’ galaxies launch heavy elements into surrounding halos and deep space

NASA aerospace engineer says we need to do more to stop killer asteroids

Black holes offer a way to another universe, Stephen Hawking says in newly published paper

Astronomers Prepare For First Ever Black Hole Image With New Algorithm

Astronomers have discovered a potential new planet locked in a death spiral

Military Sci-fi

The U.S. Army Is Rolling Out Superhuman Hearing to Soldiers

FAA Warns of GPS Outages This Month During Mysterious Tests on the West Coast

Data Management

IBM Announces A Universal Platform For Data Science


Leaping Electric Eels Resolve A Centuries-Old Mystery

Video shows how to incubate an egg without the shell

Sea snakes have extra sense to ‘feel’ movement in water

There are far more glowing fish in the sea than previously known

Deep Sea Squid Uses Optical Fibers To Create An Invisibility Cloak


Passenger drone gets permission for US flight tests


Ancient bison fossils found in Edmonton could explain how humans first came to Canada

Scientists decipher purpose of mysterious astronomy tool made by ancient Greeks


Oldest ancient human remains from Flores made public

‘Hobbit’ fossils dating back 700,000 years discovered on remote island


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