Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending June 26, 2016

Check out the oldest known computer in my pick of the week. It’d make a good steampunk idea. Click the headings to see the topics you want or click the more tab to see the entire list.

Pick of the week    Virtual Reality    Singularity

Data Management    Cybersecurity    Operating Systems

Green Technology    Environment    Health Research

Psychology    Neuroscience    Reproductive Health

Medical Marijuana    Space Race    Astronomy

Wildlife    Geology    Physics

Evolution    Anthropology    Archaeology

Pick of the week

The world’s oldest computer is still revealing its secrets

Virtual Reality

You will love Alienware’s new VR backpack

HTC Vive price, release date, features and specs: One-third of Valve employees are working on VR

Consumers say VR seems neat, just not gaming so much

Oculus’ co-founder defends exclusive Rift games by pointing to Sony’s PlayStation VR


Facebook users can share ‘telepathic thoughts’ in the future say Mark Zuckerberg

Home-cooked tech helps China topple US as top supercomputer user

‘KiloCore’ is the world’s first microchip with 1,000 processors

With SGI Supercomputer, the University of Tokyo Studies Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics and More

Twitter buys Magic Pony, a startup that uses robots to scan pictures

The Inventors of the Internet Are Trying to Build a Truly Permanent Web

Humans Need To Redefine Our Relationship With Machines

Runaway Russian robot may be scrapped

Driverless vehicles must have sophisticated moral algorithms, say researchers

Data Management

Forget Electronic Hard Drives, Now Bacteria Can Store Information


Pentagon wants more people to hack its websites and networks

Here’s How Your Smartphone Can Be Hacked Without You Knowing

Cryptocurrency raider takes $60 million in digital cash

Operating Systems

5 Reasons to Install Linux on Your Laptop

Five Linux networking commands to help with network connectivity issues

Green Technology

The eco guide to reusables

Electric car that thinks it’s a Ferrari (but only if you remember to plug it in): The seven-seat ‘car of the future’ which will be on British roads this year

Solar Impulse Attempts Epic Atlantic Crossing in Trip Around World

Nanocones Boost Efficiency of Solar-based Water Splitting

Solar Impulse completes Atlantic crossing with landing in Seville

Dutch prototype clean-up boom brings Pacific plastics solution a step closer


A catastrophic collision of human hunters and climate change killed off the Ice Age giants

How your clothes are poisoning our oceans and food supply

Health Research

5 obstacles we need to overcome before head transplants can become a thing

Food pathogen detection via handheld ‘nanoflower’ biosensor

The head of the American Medical Association calls many health apps pure “snake oil”

East Africa: The Case for Persons With Albinism in Rwanda

Dog’s nose brings relief for diabetic girl’s family

Ultrasound implant can help chemo drugs reach brain tumors

The FDA just approved the first human trials of a Zika vaccine

Five Laws About The Dead That May Spook You

Lower-fat chocolate is now possible thanks to electrical engineering

Many Sports-Related Concussions May Go Untreated in Children, Study Finds

Composition of microbiota plays significant role in body’s ability to accept transplanted tissue

Scientists just found a compound that kills 98% of a drug-resistant bacteria

A promising anti-ageing drug is about to undergo human trials for the first time

Using A Smartphone In Bed Made Women Momentarily Blind

Some Genes Don’t Turn On Until After You Die

Huntington’s risk genes ’10 times more common than previously thought’

Scientists discover 1st contagious cancer that can spread between species

Baseline PSA Levels in Midlife Could Predict Risk of Lethal Prostate Cancer

Stem cell transplants, a potential cure for life-threatening diseases

Dissolving blood clots with magnetic nanoparticles

Changes For Colon Cancer Screening: 5 Things To Know Now

Scientists offer new view on origins of Parkinson’s disease

Migraine: Discovery of new genetic risk variants supports a vascular cause

9 Things You Need to Know About Your Thyroid


6 in 10 of you will share this link without reading it, a new, depressing study says

How Can One Control Their Nerves During Public Speaking Or Even An Exam?

Crisis Text Line takes suicide prevention into the age of texting


Why Do Humans Have An Innate Desire To Get High?

Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in the Pathology of Alzheimer’s Disease

Why Handwriting Is Still Essential in the Keyboard Age

5 simple ways to remember everything you learn

New Treatment “Reverses” Alzheimer’s Disease

This Simple Computer Game Seriously Boosts Children’s Math Skills

Reproductive Health

Smoking May Damage Sperm

Abortion demand ‘soars’ amid Zika fear

Male mitochondrial DNA found to self-destruct after arrival in embryo

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy May Cause Abnormal Brain Structure In Offspring

Father who claimed cannabis oil cured his cancer dies a year later aged just 34

Space Race

Blue Origin to Test Rocket Parachute Failure Sunday Morning

Three International Space Station astronauts land in Kazakhstan

NASA’s 1976 Viking mission to Mars did all that was hoped for it — except find Martians

Canadian Space Agency launches fourth ever astronaut recruitment campaign

SpaceX And Blue Origin Fight To Win The Modern Space Race

Spaceflight contracts India’s PSLV to launch 12 Planet Dove nanosats

Four crops grown in simulated Martian soil are safe to eat


Scientists Discover the Most Distant Galaxy With Oxygen Yet

Gravitational waves: A new type of astronomy

See the First Solstice Full Moon in More Than 50 Years

NASA confirms a second mini moon is circling Earth

‘Electric Wind’ Can Strip Earth-like Planets of Oceans, Atmospheres

Newly discovered ‘baby’ planets could unlock mysteries of planetary evolution

Ancient Stars Unleashed a Space-Time Tsunami Felt on Earth

NASA Scientists Discover Unexpected Mineral on Mars

Scientists might have finally solved the mystery of Venus’ disappearing water

A Mysterious Dark Vortex Just Appeared Over Neptune

Astronomers just switched on a device that lets them observe the Milky Way’s black hole


Terrifyingly quick: Australian spider could be the world’s fastest lunging predator


Large-scale motion detected near San Andreas Fault System

What did Earth’s ancient magnetic field look like?


New electron microscope method detects atomic-scale magnetism

Genetic algorithms can improve quantum simulations

Particle zoo in a quantum computer: First experimental quantum simulation of particle physics phenomena

LIGO team may have found dark matter

This ‘map of the universe’ is the first full model of Einstein’s theory of relativity

Possibility of new particle discovery at LHC fading


93% of mammals were likely killed off with the dinosaurs

Human hair, bird feathers came from reptile scales


Prehistoric Himalayan populations were of East Asian origin


Peek Inside Cat Mummies With New X-ray Images

There’s something off about Egypt’s oldest and largest pyramid on the Giza Plateau



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