Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending July 10, 2016

My personal pick this week proves that it isn’t just humans who contribute to the scientific field! There was an article about man’s best friend helping hospitals fight superbugs. Click the headings to see the topics you want to see or click the more tab to see the full list.

Pick of the Week    Gadgets    Cybersecurity

Astronomy    Space Race    Evolution

Anthropology    Environment    Health Research

Genetics    Neuroscience    Sexual Health

Reproductive Health    Medical Marijuana    Green Technology

Archaeology    Geology    Paleontology

Transportation    Singularity    Connectivity

Weapons Development    Physics    Manufacturing


Pick of the Week

C. difficile-sniffing dog ‘Angus’ is ready for his hospital job


A Canadian man invented a wheel that can make cars move sideways

Rolls-Royce previews the future of ultra-luxury

Hands on with Nura headphones that adapt to your unique hearing profile

Electronic nose smells pesticides and nerve gas

NASA’s ‘power’ glove will help workers get a better grip


How to delete your Google activity with Google’s new privacy tool

10 YouTube Channels For Learning Ethical Hacking Course Online

A Step By Step Guide On How To Remove Your Online Presence

Android encryption problems and Avast buys AVG: Security news IT leaders need to know


Astronomers discover new one-of-kind giant planet

NASA’s Juno mission could teach us where we came from

Teenagers Discover Potential Exoplanets While On Work Experience

Space could be dotted with ‘stealth’ black holes: Canadian study

Ultra Deep Survey Infrared Images Offer Distant View Of 250,000 Galaxies

Accretion of Phobos and Deimos in an extended debris disc stirred by transient moons

Is there life on Titan? A new study gives clues on what it might look like

How a Young Jupiter Acted as Both Protector and Destroyer

Doomed Hitomi satellite yields rare glimpse of galactic gas

16-million-year-old planet with three suns discovered

The Chemistry Of Titan Could Pave The Way For Future Life

Water Clouds Found Outside the Solar System — a First

Space Race

NASA concludes fire-test on rocket booster (Video)

NASA space probe to lift the veil on Jupiter

China to ‘eavesdrop’ on alien life with giant, multimillion dollar radio telescope (VIDEO)

Ten Things You Need to Know About the Juno Mission

Why NASA’s Juno Jupiter orbiter is a big deal

Want to help the astronauts of the future? Try your hand at 3-D printing.

The most nerve-wracking moment of the mission to Jupiter, in the words of NASA scientists

The Curiosity rover just unexpectedly put itself into ‘safe mode’


Mummified ancient bird offers clues about flight during mid-cretaceous

Belgian Neanderthals Were Butchering Their Dead


Database to help answer what shaped human cultural diversity


Climate change, development at Indian coasts changing bird migration

Ozone layer over Antarctic shows signs of healing

As Glaciers Melt in Alaska, Landslides Follow

As the Arctic Ocean melts, the fishing talks begin

Erupting Volcano May Have Destroyed Huge Penguin Colony

Melting in the Arctic reached an all-time high in June: Ice has been disappearing at a rate of 29,000 square miles a day

Health Research

Montreal scientists discover new path for Parkinson’s treatment

Old drug may offer new answers in the fight against Alzheimer’s

High-tech fillings could actually repair your teeth

Scientists just discovered we’ve been looking at cancer growth all wrong

Scientists have found a supplement that can switch off junk food cravings

Study supports reducing antibiotics for sore throat, ear infections

New research unlocking mysteries behind chronic fatigue syndrome

‘Precision Medicine’ Pills Shrink Little Girl’s Rare Brain Tumors After Chemo Fails

107-Year-Old Woman Becomes Oldest Organ Donor In Scotland, Saves Sight Of Patient In Need Of Cornea

How Long Do Illegal Drugs Stay In Your System?

Gut Bacteria Are Different in People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Obesity may not keep body warm, mouse study finds

Naloxone nasal spray will soon be available in Canada

New study sheds light on chronic fatigue

Stem cell research aims to put an end to root canals


Experts discuss potential of DNA origami


A bug in fMRI software could invalidate 15 years of brain research

Parkinson’s disease biomarker found in patient urine samples

Concussion leaves mark in brain’s white matter 6 months after injury

Sexual Health

HPV vaccination reduces cervical abnormalities in young women, study finds

HPV vaccine cuts cervical abnormalities: study

Religion shown to steer adolescents away from pornography

Reproductive Health

Acetaminophen during pregnancy linked to autism

Now pregnant women to be told about the dangers of NATURAL births: Vast majority aren’t warned about risks such as tearing and incontinence

Circumcision: Why it May Be as Important as Vaccines to Your Child’s Health

Exercise During Pregnancy Does not Increase Pre-Term Birth Risk

Medical Marijuana

Smoking cannabis with tobacco increases risk of dependence

Medical marijuana dispensaries close around the state, but retail stores have no replacement product

Green Technology

Hanergy Launches Solar Powered Cars In China

Scientists have built a microbial fuel cell that runs without external power

Scientists simulate tiny bacteria-powered ‘windfarm’ to power micromachines


New Study Busts the Myth That Knights Couldn’t Move Well in Armor

Bible Scenes Uncovered in Ruins of Ancient Synagogue


Submerged Greek “Lost City” Was Actually Sculpted By Microbial Life


The top six dinosaur myths, debunked

Rare Facial Tumor Found For First Time On Duck-Billed Dwarf Dinosaur

Dinosaurs likely killed by ‘one-two punch’ of volcanic eruption and asteroid collision


Hyperloop Connecting Helsinki and Stockholm Turns 300-Mile Trip Into 28 Minute Ride

The most dangerous thing about Autopilot is that it’s called Autopilot


Self-driving robots to start delivering packages in the UK, Germany and Switzerland

Anti-robot project explores human relationship with technology in AI future

The Trump-Clinton race: Can AI forecast the winner?

Harvard researchers built a living robot out of rat hearts

Could We Upload A Brain To A Computer – And Should We Even Try?


UN Declares That Internet Restrictions Violate Human Rights

Facebook lays down foundations for easier, cheaper net access

Weapons Development

This Company Wants To Grow Drones In Giant Vats Of Goo


The laws of physics make a human invisibility cloak pretty much impossible


Coconuts could inspire new designs for earth-quake proof buildings

Scientists shatter microwave detection record


Is your feline feeling fine? Researchers reveal the signs that show cats will have a long life


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