Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending August 14, 2016

This week’s pick has a sensationalistic headline but it is more about how the personal psychology of scientisits can effect the results of their studies Click the headings to see the topics that interest you and click the more tabe to see the entire list.

Pick of the Week    Wildlife    Health Research

Neuroscience    Medical Marijuana    Sexual Health

Reproductive Health    Psychology    Neuroscience

Space Race    Cybersecurity    Gadgets

Anthropology    Astronomy    STEM

Telecommunications    Singularity    Green Technology

Connectivity    Data Management    Environment

Physics    Evolution    Digital Payments

Pick of the Week

This is why a lot of peer-reviewed research is wrong


The App That Aims To Gamify Biology Has Amateurs Discovering New Species

Bizarre Horns of the Animal Kingdom

Great white shark feast caught on film points to population rebound in US

Researchers using high-tech, scientific tools rewrite the bird books

Taking cyber route to save India’s tree diversity

Mother Dolphins Sing To Their Babies In The Womb

Eight tagged golden eagles disappear in Scottish Highlands

Whale watchers witness battle of behemoths in waters off Vancouver Island

When Elephants Were Young looks at why elephants may be extinct within 30 years

Daphne Bramham: The changing world above the Arctic circle

The Colony-Killing Mistake Backyard Beekeepers Are Making

Health Research

IBM’s Watson AI saved a woman from leukemia

Research suggests being lazy is a sign of high intelligence

Recently-developed 4D technology may aid treatment for lung ailment, reveals research

When Should Cancer Treatment Wait?

Lessons from Japan in caring for the elderly

To Live Longer, Eat More Chicken and Plant-based Protein

Unique database of worms to help combat disease in Northeast

Cartilage repair treatment may prevent joint replacement

Federal Officials Seek To Stop Social Media Abuse Of Nursing Home Residents

One drug is ‘new hope’ for three killer infections

Body image ‘a problem for boys’, says advertising think tank

Staying active through volunteering can promote healthier aging: studies

First steps in Alberta-Ontario study on cerebral palsy therapy

More than a third of female students ‘have mental health problems’

New bone marrow transplant technique avoiding need for chemotherapy investigated

Organ transplants: Hundreds helped by former cancer patients

Better cultural fit may encourage healthy eating

Polio is back in Nigeria because Boko Haram kept kids from being vaccinated


Navy SEAL-turned-scientist works to solve the puzzle of battlefield brain injuries

Kids With Epilepsy Feel Discrimination and Stigma, Study Finds

Why a Child Eye Exam Belongs on Your Back-to-School Checklist

Medical Marijuana

Obama Administration Set to Remove Barrier to Marijuana Research

U.S. will affirm its prohibition on medical marijuana

Sexual Health

Puerto Rican OB-GYNs Offer Free Birth Control To Fight Zika

Kindness is sexually attractive, says new research

How Violence Contributes to Diseases Among Sex Workers
If you are into sexting, you have a 1 in 4 chance of three more people seeing those sexually explicit photos

Scientists say they’ve figured out which is better: drunk or stoned sex

Reproductive Health

More and more women are now dying in childbirth, but only in America

Zika found to remain in sperm for record six months

‘Heroin babies’ skyrocketing in N.J. as statewide epidemic grips newborns

Male infertility: Five foods that can damage your sperm! (Slideshow)


Trans And Adopted: Exploring Teen Identity


Why being bilingual works wonders for your brain

The Hidden Harm of Antidepressants

Space Race

NASA Captures Details of a Rocket Test With Its New Camera

NASA Accidentally Sells Moon Landing Bag

Spaceports and the Future of Space Exploration


Def Con: The hackers bringing Mr Robot to life

Researchers crack open unusually advanced malware that hid for 5 years

Where in the world is my data and how secure is it?

30 More Victims Pinned On Highly Selective Cyberespionage Group

A New Wireless Hack Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens

Webcam Nightmare: Mom Finds Daughters’ Room Featured on Live App

Hackers Can Now Steal Data by Listening to the Sound of a Computer’s Hard Drive


Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: $5 computers, cold-brew coffee makers, and more

Indian engineering student builds a real-life walking Iron Man suit for just $750


First Americans May Have Arrived by Coastal, Not Inland, Route

Ancient Stone Tools Used To Butcher Rhinoceros, Other Animals Shed Light On Survival Skills Of Early Humans

Tools solve Stone Age mystery: Cavemen were smarter than we thought


Guys, the Perseid meteor shower is here, and it’s going to be twice as good this year

This weird hexagon on Saturn has puzzled scientists for decades

From narrow gullies to huge craters, stunning new images of Mars reveal the planet’s surface in mesmerising detail

Can Wormholes Fix A Major Problem With Black Holes?

Was Venus Once A Habitable World Like Earth?

New Technique Searches for Exomoons by the Light of Their Planets

Mars Not A Simple ‘Basaltic’ Planet: Know More About It Here

There’s something weird going on beyond Neptune

NASA Just Released 1,000 Spectacular New Photos From Mars’ Surface

Two Galaxies Have Left the Void and Entered Hubble’s Heart

Ten trillionths of your suntan comes from intergalactic photons

Scientists to unveil new Earth-like planet: report


Men Cite Themselves Way More Than Women In Studies


Iridium: story of a communications solution no one listened to


McGill researchers teaching drones to paint murals

Green Technology

Working towards ‘greener’ ships

Self-destructing battery dissolves in water within 30 minutes

Freak Minerals Found Buried In Siberia Could Become The Fuel Cells Of The Future

Elon Musk is working on a roof made of solar panels

This liquid could let torn clothes repair themselves

Wonder is a bot that will remember anything for you


Facebook tests Express Wi-fi service in India

Google Eyes Blazing-Fast Wireless as a Way Into Your Home

Google is secretly creating a new OS that’s not based on Linux


Internet Archive posted 10,000 browser-playable Amiga titles – go, play

Positive link between video games and academic performance, study suggests

Nintendo confirms upcoming classic NES will have special display modes, instant saves

Our first day with HoloLens: A tiny window into a magical future

Startup Touts ‘Mixed Reality’ for IoT apps

Reality Check: welcome to Virtual Reality – London’s new store dedicated to VR

Data Management

How Big Data And Analytics Help Athletes Win Olympic Gold In Rio 2016?


We Have Already Used Up This Year’s Supply Of Natural Resources

Why Humpback Whales Protect Other Animals From Killer Whales

Our oceans aren’t just rising – they’re accelerating, and that’s even worse

‘Chemtrails’ not real, say leading atmospheric science experts


Curious Material Can Form A Completely New Type Of Light

IceCube search for the ‘sterile neutrino’ draws a blank

‘Stranger Things,’ Parallel Universes, And The State Of String Theory

Physicists have calculated a whole new way to generate super-strong magnetic fields

Researchers demonstrate acoustic levitation of a large sphere


Mutation that made it easier to ride horses evolved more than 1000 years ago

300-Million-Year-Old Shark Was a Cannibal

How primates developed large brains decoded

The Galapagos Islands have lost one of their unique species

Digital Payments

Canadian Vending Machines to Take mPayments


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