Inspiration for Fantasy August 18, 2016

This is the debut of a new feature. I have “Inspiration for Science Fiction” weekly posts. Now I’ll have “Inspiration for Fantasy” posts I will release on Thursdays. The pick of the week shows how science and fantasy inspiration can mesh with each other and overlap. Though I now want to search out inspiration for fantasy focused stories. It’s worth checking out the “Inspiration for Science Fiction” blogpost for ideas for urban/contemporary fantasy.

Click the headings that interest you and use the more tab to see the entire list.

Pick of the Week    Folklore    Secret Codes

Archaeology    Settings”    Festivals

Music    Dance    Literature

Gaming    Pop Culture    Star Lore


Pick of the Week

Fun With DNA


Mangaluru: Immortalizing Konkani folklore – Sculptors carve 15 statues at Kalaangann

Secret Codes

Do London’s Horse Statues Follow A Hidden Code?


Maya ‘snake dynasty’ tomb uncovered holding body, treasure and hieroglyphs

Archaeologists have uncovered one of the biggest Maya tombs ever

Not-So-Dark Ages Revealed at King Arthur Site

Human Remains Unearthed at Temple of Zeus at Mount Lykaion

California archaeology: DeMille’s Lost City

Archaeologists have uncovered genetic evidence that rewrites a fundamental aspect of American history

Archaeology, love and songs, Bollywood brings ancient city to life

Gold Curse Tablets Unearthed in Serbia

1,900-year-old Mosaics From Apostle Paul’s Era Restored in Ephesus

400-Year-Old Petroglyphs Found on Hawaii Shoreline

3,500-year-old Grave Filled With Exotic Valuables Found in Cyprus
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Serpent Mound Archaeology Day Aug. 20

Early Hunters May Have Thrown Stones

Scientists Crack the Case of Piltdown Man

Fortifications Found Show Biblical Kingdom of Geshur More Powerful Than Thought

Four Medieval Skeletons Found in Ireland

First Bell Beaker earthwork enclosure found in Spain

Researchers uncover new insights on Great Lakes monuments

A Roman mosaic of an ancient chariot race has been uncovered in Cyprus


A walk through Wales’ beguiling Black Mountains

Newcastle landmarks to celebrate British folklore with ‘Sword & Sorcery’ season

Russia’s Golden Ring: day trips from Moscow into history and heritage

Our Favorite Instagram Photos: Walking on Air and Inside a Viking Festival

Highest Point East of Rockies Renamed for Native American


The Hungry Ghost Festival: keeping traditions alive at carnival for the dead

Weekend festival to celebrate Indian independece and culture

Edinburgh Festival celebrates European culture after Brexit vote


Baloch folklore: Music in a time of uncertainty

A trio of First Nations DJs is reclaiming the way indigenous culture is portrayed in culture


Hoop dancer teaches children to preserve culture


Sales of Syrian culture anthology soar after woman held for reading it on plane


Folklore And The Modern World Mingle In The Edgelands’ Eerie Artwork

Pop Culture

Marvel hits the gas on a new Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider comic series

Star Lore

Perseid Lore: The Legend and Science Behind the Epic Meteor Shower

Design Inspiration: Astrology and the Zodiac

Gujarat University launches astrology, vaastu courses


U of G exhibit details the history of Clan Leslie during this weekend’s Fergus Scottish Festival



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