Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending August 21, 2016

I found out there’s now an app to teach you coding! It’d be fun to plug away at continuing education on the go. Click the headings that interest you or the more tab to see the entire list.

This will be the last week I use this format for the blog. I will still be scanning trending science articles for reference material for writing. I plan to choose the most inspiring article, or a group of articles if they share a common theme, and write a weekly commentary on it. I will also create a post that lists my sources for free online science articles so my readers will know how to obtain the information for themselves. This started as a list of my weekly reading materials but compiling and coding it in a weekly blog post that gets longer and longer is too time intensive so I’m changing the blog’s format.

Pick of the Week    Gadgets    Cybersecurity

Astronomy    Space Race    Health Research

Neuroscience    Genetics    Reproductive Health

Medical Marijuana    Futurism    Military Sci-fi

Singularity    Wildlife    Evolution

Green Technology    Physics    Environment

Nanotechnology    Gaming    Open Source

Paleontology    Military Scifi

Pick of the Week

Mimo’s new app teaches you how to code on your iPhone


New software can mimic your handwriting

NASA-Funded 3D Pizza Printer Now Works At Tourist Attractions


Did you forget the special characters in your password? ‘Passphrases’ technique might help

The NSA Leak Is Real, Snowden Documents Confirm

How the NSA snooped on encrypted Internet traffic for a decade

FalseCONNECT Vulnerability Affects Most Of The Internet Users


Hubble just spotted two dwarf galaxies ‘growing up’ together for the first time

Was Venus once habitable?

This weird meteorite could be our first ever from the outer Solar System

Scientists catch a white dwarf star in the act of exploding into a nova

Space Race

UFO sightings 2016: NASA hiding UFO evidence of alien existence?

NASA building ‘space habitats’ near the moon

‘Sci fi’ Nasa mission to save the Earth: Go-ahead for plan to capture an asteroid and drag it into orbit around the moon using electric propulsion

Yes, NASA’s New Megarocket Will Be More Powerful Than the Saturn V

Media laud China’s quantum satellite launch

NASA To Give $1M To Anyone Who Could Make Its Robots Mars-Ready

NASA and Navy Set World Record for Most Engines in One Rocket Flight

NASA Astronauts Successfully Install New Space Station Docking Port

Health Research

Ex-addict gives other side of drug problem

Advocates call for more measures to protect LGBTQ seniors

Groundbreaking Nanorobots Target Cancerous Tumours With Unrivalled Precision

Another deadly virus is poised to go global

Obesity-related cancer risk increased by overweight duration

Canadian study finds nasal spray flu vaccine as effective as shot

Gaming camera could aid MS treatment

Report finds first responders experiencing PTSD rates similar to combat veterans

US organ network mapping a path to fairer liver transplants

A study in mice found that the Zika virus also attacks adult brain cells

Injured Animals Get Second Chance With 3-D Printed Limbs


There’s A Test That Tells You If You’re A ‘Super-Recognizer’ Of Faces, And You Can Take It Right Now

Parkinson’s could be caught early by a simple eye test

LSD-bunked: How Research Is Finally Separating The Facts From The Myths Surrounding Acid


Latinos age more slowly than the rest of us, and the finding could help us all live longer

Scientists unlock a secret to Latinos’ longevity, with hopes of slowing aging for everyone

Sexual Health

Easy access to online porn is ‘damaging’ men’s health, says NHS therapist

Gene That Makes People Behave Like Idiots When Drunk Could Also Protect Against Diabetes

Cambodia: New snack aims to prevent child malnutrition

Africa: New ‘Women-Friendly’ Cervical Cancer Screening Test is Here

The Mystery of the Female Orgasm

Parents Want ‘Opt-Out’ Option for HPV Vaccine, Study Finds

Reproductive Health

After IVF, Some Struggle With What To Do With Leftover Embryos

Medical Marijuana

Tucked away in the foothills, Alberta’s only medical marijuana factory is growing 7000 kg of pot a year

Medical marijuana a lifeline for Airdrie girl with rare form of epilepsy

Cannabis Oil 2016: 3 Facts To Know About The Alternative Cancer Treatment

Cannabis deemed a lifesaver for 6 y/o Napanee boy

Health Canada looks at ‘short term solution’ for medical marijuana

Cannabis is better painkiller for MEN than for women, study claims


Why LinkedIn should kill the résumé and replace it with the experience graph

It’s Time for Fancy Apartments to Offer Balconies for Drone Landings

Infiniti’s latest engine is a last hurrah for gas-powered cars

Scientists are trying to predict which babies will grow up to become criminals

Flyer education: You can now take a 3-year course on flying drones

This Is What Earth Will Look Like In 100 Years – If We’re Lucky

Why Amazon Is Teaming Up with This Startup

Now this is cool: Scientists can make wood you can see through

Jobless in the self-driving economy

Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung band together to kill automated telemarketing

Military Sci-fi

Air Force boosts drone pilot bonuses to keep up with demand


Samsung plugs IBM’s brain-imitating chip into an advanced sensor

Facebook Messenger gets advertising bots

Chatbot lawyer that overturned 170,000 parking tickets now helps fight homelessness

Ford’s self-driving car ‘coming in 2021’

Uber’s first self-driving cars will start picking up passengers this month


Greenland Shark Takes Record As Oldest Vertebrate By Living Up To 400 Years

Three-Quarters Of Endangered Species Are Threatened Through Overexploitation By Humans

Zombie bees arrive in B.C.

Scientists Sequence The Genome Of This Hungry Caterpillar

Zombie bees not a concern


Ancestor Of HIV Is At Least 60 Million Years Old

This Marsupial Lion Was the Size of a Squirrel

Scientists discover Zenkerella, one of the world’s most ancient creatures

We need to rethink the origins of life on Earth, study suggests

Green Technology

World’s largest vertical farm grows without soil, sunlight or water in Newark

Electric-vehicle plan hits roadblock at minister’s office

Stanford Develops Chiclet-Sized Device That Purifies Water Using Sunlight

Climate change: Netherlands on brink of banning sale of petrol-fuelled cars

Blockchain grid to let neighbours trade solar power in Australia


Nobel Laureates develop Spaser device for sniffing out explosives

Physicists discover ‘apparent departure from the laws of thermodynamics’


Fungal disease could wipe bananas out in 5 to 10 years

Scotland’s rare mountain plants disappearing as climate warms, botanists find

Watch Terrifying Video of Coral Convulsing as Seas Heat Up

By 2085, most cities will be too hot to host Summer Olympics: researchers

Threatened By Rising Seas, Alaska Village Decides To Relocate

Beautiful Blue Lakes Are Invading East Antarctica and That’s Not Good


Researchers resolve a problem that has been holding back a technological revolution


Samsung’s new Gear VR is its most comfortable and immersive yet

Hacker steals millions of Steam game keys after breaching gaming site

Open Source

Microsoft open sources PowerShell, brings it to Linux and OS X

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research lab releases open source fastText on GitHub

Nasa just made all its research available online for free


Paleontologists discover major T. rex fossil (Update)

Military Scifi

Read Nikola Tesla’s Drone Patent… From 1898



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