Inspiration for Fantasy August 25, 2016

I like books but a project to record Indian folklore before it is forgotten is more
ambitious than most. Click the headings that interest you or the more tab to see the whole list.

I will tweak the format for this blog. I will still be scanning trending articles for reference material for writing. I plan to choose the most inspiring article, or a group of articles if they share a common theme, and write a weekly commentary on it. I will also create a post that lists my sources for free online science articles so my readers will know how to obtain the information themselves. This started as a list of my weekly reading materials but compiling and coding it in a weekly blog post is too time intensive so I’m changing this blog’s format.

Pick of the Week    Festivals    Death

Gaming    Alternative Medicine    Archaeology

Anthropology    History    Spirituality

Consciousness    Folklore    Geography


Pick of the Week

ICHR plans encyclopedia of village folklore from across India


Harry Tuft sells Denver Folklore Center to longtime customers


Ol’ Time Carnival in Scarborough to celebrate traditions based in African folklore

Lasting reminder to Billingham International Folklore Festival unveiled


Life after death has been ‘confirmed’ by experts who say consciousness continues


Rome: Total War coming to iPad

Alternative Medicine

Michael Phelps’ sparks cupping craze, do you know what it is?

80 percent of the world’s population still relies on ancient medicine made from plants and botanicals

There’s just one name for yoga done to the sounds of Drake: Introducing Namasdrake


Archaeologists in Israel Find Ancient Synagogue Predating Second Temple Ruin

A huge wooden circle has been found buried just a few kilometres from Stonehenge

This ancient stone tool reveals what we were eating 250,000 years ago

Durrington Walls, predecessor to Stonehenge, was pulled to the ground even before it was finished

Explorers find 2nd-oldest confirmed shipwreck in Great Lakes

Retirees have found an incredible, 200-year-old shipwreck at the bottom of Lake Ontario

A pyramid has been discovered in Kazakhstan that might be even older than some Egyptian structures


Here’s What the Iceman Was Wearing When He Died 5,300 Years Ago


Zulu king: I won’t let my people forget our history

Norse contact with Native Americans before the Viking Age

Classic Story Of Mankind’s First Migration Through The Americas Not “Biologically Viable”

Long Before Lochte, Ancient Olympians Were Serious Troublemakers


India’s $30B Spiritual Market And The Woman That’s Tapping Into It

Researchers just performed a fake human sacrifice at CERN


World’s Smartest Physicist Thinks Science Can’t Crack Consciousness


4 Crazy Beliefs About Left-Handed People From History, In Honor Of Left Handers Day


A Geologist Has Found Part Of A Lost Ocean That Existed Long Before The Atlantic


This ancient text reveals a Maya astronomer calculated the movements of Venus over a millennium ago



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