Free Online Sources of Science News

The weekly science article round up blogs was too massive so I’m now more selective with what I post. However, I thought I would show my readers how to find the latest scientific information from free online sources so they’d know how to find trending science news themselves. I find the best means of monitoring trends is through social media/news aggregaters.

Buzzsumo :There is a free version you can access once a day. It makes you wait a full 24 hours before you can access it again. Search for what’s trending. I prefer the 24 hour version, but you can also filter by week, month and year. I check out the Technology, Science and Health tabs for science articles.

Google News

: allows you to search anytime you want. I check out the Technology, Science and Health tabs. You can also plug in a keyword in the search engine to come up with a more focused search for articles.

Google Alerts: You can set up any keyword you want and it’ll email links. I’d only set it up for news articles and new blog posts though you can also get webpages. You can set the frequency you want the information. I would set the keywords at “Technology”, “Science” and “Health”.The only drawback is that a trending article may have a keyword you are unaware of and miss.

Alltop : is an archive of social media trends. It is a massive alphabetical list. The keywords for the free version are predetermined but comprehensive. It takes a while before new trends show up, but would be good if you want to do a historical search.

I alternate between Buzzsumo and Google News, but am aware of the others. My past blog posts show the quality and quantity of the information you can get from these sources. It’s possible to build your knowledge of current scientific developments in daily increments that are no worse than reading an old fashioned daily newspaper.

I will keep and link to this blogpost as an evergreen article for future reference to my readers.


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