Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending August 28, 2016

My favorite article was about nanocraft probes for space travel.

I am now more selective about what I list. I was going to focus on one pick of the week, but I thought that it be good to show examples of what can be found from my free sources so I have added them too. I posted an article about how to find your own articles for inspiration and reference.

China’s new quantum satellite will try to teleport data outside the bounds of space and time

Milk protein used to make biodegradable food wrap

New clothes dryer uses sound to dry clothes instead of heat, using 70% less energy

Robocop lives: AI security guard drone flies low, fast and recharges

‘Superlens’ possible with spider silk: Bangor University

Dexmo exoskeleton glove lets you touch and feel in VR

Visa-powered payment ring is now available to everyone

Engineered Bacterium Turns Carbon Dioxide into Methane Fuel

‘Space tour guide’ is just one of the awesome new jobs you could apply for in 2025

What worlds are out there? A field guide to exoplanets

Stretchy supercapacitors power wearable electronics

Scientists Proven Wrong? Great Barrier Reef Found Relatively Unaffected By Global Warming

UCLA scientists use ultrasound to jump-start coma patient’s brain

Scientists solve puzzle of converting gaseous carbon dioxide to fuel


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