Inspiration for Fantasy September 1, 2016

What fantasy fan wouldn’t rejoice over the rediscovery of a forgotten Earth Goddess?

I am now more selective about what I list. I was going to focus on one pick of the week, but I thought that it
be good to show examples of what can be found from my free sources so I have added them to. I am also posting an article about
how to find your own articles for inspiration and reference.

The world’s largest pyramid is hidden under a mountain in Mexico

New research reveals the ‘spectacular’ secrets of Britain’s earliest stone circles

Oetzi the Iceman wore bear fur and roe deer 5,300 years ago

Hidden codex may reveal secrets of life in Mexico before Spanish conquest

Not on the map: cartographic omission from New England to Palestine

Falun Gong devotees on mission to end organ-theft horror in China

The first ever copies of the ‘world’s most mysterious book’ are about to be released

Have We Been Misreading a Crucial Maya Codex for Centuries?



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