Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending September 18, 2016

It’ll be cool of this “Cybathlon” becomes an annual event: Cybathlon: World’s first ‘bionic Olympics’ gears up

Ancient crocodile relative unearthed in New Mexico

Smart contact lens for diabetics developed in Waterloo wins prestigious award

America’s largest veterans group wants Congress to treat marijuana like medicine

India ready to put driving licences onto smartphones

World’s first robotic eye surgery performed in Britain!

Green-powered boat readies for round-the-world voyage

Fujitsu introduces new palm vein authentication products

Future heart defibrillators could save lives with light pulses

Groundbreaking fertilisation technique could allow gay couples to have babies with each other

This Is The Most Realistic Reconstruction Of A Dinosaur Ever Made

The First Tanks Went To War 100 Years Ago Today



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