Kateri Tales: Based on Haudenosaunee Folklore is Out

I uploaded Kateri Tales: Based on Haudenosaunee Folktales and it’s now live on Amazon Kindle’s Select Program and Lending Library. It will be available in other venues once the 90 day exclusivity period is over.

It’s a blend of fantasy, contemporary fantasy and urban fantasy. Some stories are “sequels” I felt certain folktales needed. Others are based on my reactions to traditional beliefs. For one thing, what kid, from any culture, could resist using a forbidden name, even if it puts his people in jeopardy?

Bricolage is Live!

If you’re curious about how all these science posts have affected my writing you can check out Bricolage on Amazon! It’s in the Kindle Select Program so you can try it out in the Kindle Lending Library.

How do you get back into active service in the Spacefarer Union when you’re decommissioned and discarded because of the unlicensed repair needed to make you spaceworthy again?