Science Fiction Inspiration for the Week ending October 16,2016

How many people would want to immigrate?
Scientists plan to create ‘Asgardia’ nation state in space

How do you keep a sleep schedule in space?

Woman who has baby with mom’s womb: ‘it’s like science fiction’

Some cancer cells contain Alzheimer cells too: Study

s arable land disappears, here come the vertical farmers

Protect your online purchases from ‘porch pirates’

How to hack a security CCTV camera (video)

Computer programme to prevent dangerous reaction to medicines devised by 12-year-old girl

This NASA developed bandage heals wounds faster with electricity

Silkworms get Spiderman-like strength: Insects fed with graphene produce strong fibres that conduct electricity

Canadian inventor looks to fit DNA analysis in the palm of your hand

Atomic-scale MRI holds promise for new drug discovery

Rwanda begins Zipline commercial drone deliveries

Paralysed man feels through robotic fingers in world-first breakthrough

Science creates a cast that lets you scratch those itches

New discovery in Alzheimer’s research

These soft robotic muscles could help with physical therapy

A new antibody therapy appears to have permanently blocked HIV infection in monkeys


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