Indigenous Knowledge and Modern Science Finally Collaborate

Colonists often dismissed Indigenous Knowledge in favor of modern scientific methods. Yet climate scientists are now using the Inuit’s traditional knowledge to document the historical and current climate trends in the Arctic. Who better to know the historical trends than a people who have lived in the Arctic year round for generations rather than a group of scientists who may visit the Arctic for short term projects?

The Inuit’s culture is in state of flux along with the climate and I found a youtube video that showcases their traditional knowledge of the land and its climate.

My own people were reluctant to share their knowledge in the past and fed researchers false information as a prank because they were aware and offended by the researchers ethnocentrism when they first started to study us. Nowadays, they may be willing to collaborate with a modern researcher as long as culturally sensitive ethical guidelines are followed or they are producing the studies themselves.
The older method of oral transmission in ceremonies is still the preferred medium. It is the only method deemed suitable for some ceremonies, but my people and other First Nations are increasingly adapting modern methods to engage their own youth.

Examples of adapting to modern teaching methods are apps that teaches Mohawk (Kanien’kéha)

Since some native knowledge and languages are becoming endangered it may be the only means to transmit this knowledge to new generations.

These developments makes me believe that Indigenous writers are capable of contribute to modern scifi if they are making contributions to modern science. You can see examples of Indigenous Speculative and Science Fiction writings in this book. My story “Oienkwaonwe” is included in there too.

If that whets your appetite you can get more news of the scifi writing in the pipeline from the Khiatons Monthly/Update mailing list


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