Review: HBO Westworld-Damaging Hosts Unnecessary Expense

Itunes has released season 1 of HBO’s Westworld and I am now able to finally review it. I like it. However, I see a plot hole.

Guests are allowed to act out sadistic impulses and enact gruesome assault, murder and death scenes with their “Hosts” robots. This is meant as a metaphor about God allowing suffering. It doesn’t work as a metaphor for me since what company would allow valuable equipment to be constantly damaged? Especially when the offscreen Board demands cutbacks in the park’s budget. Allowing guests to damage equipment is an unnecessary expense.

This show’s trope might work if Westworld was cast in a far–future, post–scarcity society that could afford to be so wasteful but this is the dawn of sentience in A.I. I figure the Westworld company may not care about the Hosts’ civic rights but what about the protection of their capital and tangible assets?



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