Science Fiction Plot Prompts for the Week ending April 23,2017

Here are videos of current trends turned into writing prompts

This may be good for a satire with an A.I. constantly going through sensitivity reprogramming or transhumanism being encouraged so that social engineering can be made more efficient and this is a part of their argument for their case.
AI programs exhibit racial and gender biases, research reveals

This may sound like George Lucas’s moisturizers, but this simple idea would be revolutionary on a desert world with an economy based on water rationing.
Scientists develop system that can convert air into water

This is a video of a similar project so someone is bound to perfect it for mass production.

Visits to immersive theme parks are becoming popular tropes in scif thanks to Westworld. Here’s an upcoming Star Wars version. This may show what would happen if iconic and beloved characters were used instead of characters unknown outside the park. Would people be more respectful and family friendly?
Your Decisions at the New Star Wars Theme Parks Will Have Consequences

Here’s my upcoming scifi short release Machine Learning. There will be more details on Monday but you can book your prerelease now.

You can see which scifi writing prompts I’m writing up in the Khiatons Monthly/Update mailing list


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