Science Fiction Plot Prompts for the Week ending April 30,2017

This week’s prompts concern unintended consequences of civil rights for robots and a forest on Mars.

It would be interesting if trees did grow on Mars like this man alleges.

Did TREES once grow on Mars? Alien hunter claims to have spotted an ancient stump on the red planet

There’s commenters who disagree with Bill Gates. A positive spin to this in optimistic scifi is that automation could be discouraged because of the loss of taxpayers. If you want a bitter dystopia it could be an unintended consequence of automation.
Unless you believe the already rich would be willing to share in a post-scarcity economy?
If told from the robot’s perspective their fight for civil rights could lead them to becoming taxpayers, which could be a point of leverage or an unintended consequence making for either an optimistic or ironic scifi story.

Bill Gates Says Working Robots Should Pay Taxes

Here’s my latest scifi short release Machine Learning

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