Review: The Complet Kama Sutra

The Complet Kama Sutra
The Complet Kama Sutra by Alain Daniélou
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alain Danielou’s translation of the Kama Sutra serves as a great historical text about the sexual mores and sexual politics of Ancient India. My own inhibitions maybe be showing, but I wouldn’t blindly follow its advice as sex manual in modern days since some of its techniques shouldn’t be used without your partner’s consent, ie. hitting, biting and scratching. It’s also non-PC at points since the list of partners available to various classes of men in historical times sounds like people they were free to sexually harass instead of recommendations on who it’d be best for them to approach. However, it will certainly help flesh out details for a writer who wants to write historical fiction in that era.

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3 thoughts on “Review: The Complet Kama Sutra

    • There were some passages I thought would get you in trouble if applied in the modern age. Not merely because we’re more inhibited, but because they sound downright exploitative or should be negotiated with your partner before engaging in.

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      • Oh I completely understand what you mean. The disparity between Eastern and Western customs has existed long before modernity and is always something that should be taken into account when reading about one culture from the perspective of the other.


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