Science Fiction Plot Prompts for the Week ending June 22, 2017

I came across writing prompts for computers in the Bronze Age, artificial wombs, volcanos as renewable energy, and population control.

A historical scifi about the invention of the first analog computer and android by the same inventor.

Google celebrates discovery of world’s oldest computer

This will revolutionize lives when it’s available to humans. What if 3D wombs didn’t need to be implanted to work?

New 3D-Printed Ovaries Have Allowed Infertile Mice to Give Birth

Would people develop a volcanic planet for energy exports?

Iceland Drills Heart of a Volcano to Access Clean Energy from Magma

“Out of this World” Uses for Expandable Habitats what if a group keep there living space limited to keep their population in check?

Find out what Machines learn from Humanity in Machine Learning

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